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This course is a GO!  We have 17 confirmed, with three OPEN seats.  We may be able to manage up to 25 if anyone wants to bring a group.  You can make your travel plans accordingly.  So far we have several industries participating:  Automotive, Food/Refrigeration, Chemicals.

We will start each morning with a continental breakfast and social time @ 8-8:30 am ET and end each day around 4:00 pm ET.  Lunch will be provided each day, even Friday.  We will end on Friday around lunch time, so you can make your flight arrangements accordingly.  Flying in and out of DAY is much cheaper than CVG.  

The location for the classroom is:

Sugarcreek Packing, 2600 N James H McGee Blvd, Dayton, OH 45417

Recommended Hotels:

Courtyard by Marriott Dayton-University of Dayton

I am a Hilton fan myself, but anyone looking to save some $$ on a rental car can stay here.  I will drive by each morning and can pick up four (4) - first come first serve- each morning and drop you off each afternoon.  Not sure about eating arrangements in the evening though, so be sure to research your stay!  Also, if you ride with me, you may be "volunteering" to help me get breakfast.  (LOL)



PLEASE NOTE: this course is for anyone interested in some serious training on these topics.  You do not have to be involved with PSM/RMP in order to attend.  The course was just derived from a need of Process Safety Professionals needing some good ole fashion OSHA training on these topics, but anyone who deals with respirators (normal use and emergency use), LOTO, PRCSs, Emergency Response, and PPE matters should attend this course.


I am giving some serious thought to teaching a course I did a number of years ago for a client called "Safety for Process Safety Managers".  This client had segregated the PSM/RMP roles from the EHS Group and placed it under the Engineering Group.  This caused quite a few problems as the PSM/RMP personnel and the engineering group was vastly unprepared to manage "safety" within their groups.  Programs like

1) respiratory protection,

2) control of hazardous energy (LOTO),

3) Permit-Required Confined Spaces (PRCS),

4) Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), and

5) PPE

were not written correctly, implemented correctly, and managed properly leading to some significant OSHA/EPA issues as well as INCREASED RISKS.  After participating in some on-line discussions with me and other PSM/RMP leaders, the Corporate EHS manager of this company has given me permission to teach this course as an OPEN-ENROLLMENT course to other companies.  It was well received by this company; one common statement was "this was an OSHA 10/30 hour on steroids".  But I am not sure how many other organizations struggle with PSM/RMP leaders lack of knowledge of these standards and their baseline compliance requirements.  If you think this type of training would be of interest to you or your team, please see below...

Due to scheduling concerns, I will only take time away from my schedule if we can get 25+ participants.  My schedule looks like I could do this course the week of September 18-22, 2017.  The course will be held in the Cincinnati, OH area (specific location to be determined later).  NOTE:  If I can find a local sponsor for this course, the price will drop considerably, but teaching it at a rented venue with the meals and manuals (with 25 students) the price per student will be $1,100 for the week.

NOTE:  If I can find a local sponsor for this course, the price will drop considerably, but teaching it at a rented venue with the meals and manuals (with 25 students) the price per student will be $1,100 for the 4.5 day course. (Groups of five or more will receive a discount).  


Here is the agenda:

Day 1-

  1. Respiratory Protection (1910.134)
  2. Emphasis on Selection, Use, Care/Inspection, Program Management (Training, Fit-Testing, Monthly/Annual Inspections, Hydro's of cylinders)

*Attending the "respirator" course would go long ways to making one a "competent respirator program administrator".


Day 2 - 

  1. Control of Hazardous Energy (1910.147)
  2. Differences of LOTO programs from "Assembly Line" type lockouts to "Process" type lockouts
  3. Major emphasis on Contractor's Locking out at Host facility and use of the "Lockbox Method"
  4. Energy isolation for PRCS Entry, Line Break
  5. Energy Isolation Work Sheets/Plans

Day 3 -

  1. Permit-Required Confined Spaces (1910.146), includes an intro into OSHA's New Construction Standard for CS (1926.1201-.1213)
  2. Evaluating Spaces
  3. Determining the three (3) means for entry: 1) Alternative Entry (C)(5), Reclassification (C)(7), and Permitted Entry (d)-(k)
  4. Emphasis on Rescue Requirments (k)

Day 4 - 

  1. Emergency Response
    1. Emergency Action Plan (1910.38)
      1. Written Requirements
      2. Drills Required?
    2. Emergency Response Plan (1910.120(q))
      1. Written Requirements
      2. Drills Required?
    3. Employee Alarm System (1910.165)

Day 5 - 

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (1910.132)
    1. Certified Hazard Assessments
    2. Training
    3. Using Certified Haz Assessments in PSM/ RMP Operating Procedures and Maintenance Procedures
  2. Course Wrap-Up

These topics are taught from the Process Safety perspective and are shown as to how they fit into and play a major role in managing process safety.  


When I taught this course for the client, some attendees picked certain days to attend based on the day's topic.  I will also permit this for those who can not make it for the entire week of training.  Contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for special pricing.


Anyone interested at this time, please let me know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so I can get a feel for interest and if the interest is outside the Cincinnati, OH area.  I am NOT ACCEPTING PAYMENTS at this time; only trying to get a feel for the level of interest.  If we have more "out of town travelers" then I try and schedule a location near the CVG airport so attendees can save on rental car costs and just make it easier to get in and out.


Anyone that is LOCAL to the Cincinnati, OH area and you'd be interested in sponsoring this course please let me know.  As a sponsor, you get to send up to three students per topic for FREE and all you have to do is provide the room, a light breakfast, and lunch for students.  The room MUST have a white dry erase board.  The room needs to comfortably hold up to 25 students.  Also as a sponsor, you would be reducing the cost of the course for everyone and I would give price reductions for each attendee.


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Training Course: 

"Safety" for

Process Safety Managers 

September 18-22, 2017

Dayton, OH

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