I may have been quick to "pat myself on my back" last week with my post titled "It took two (2) years, but HFO-1234yf is now a NFPA Flammable "4", as this morning I learned from another client dealing with this refrigerant that their manufacturer also updated their SDS and guess what... that manufacturer went from a NFPA Flammable "4" down to a Flammable "2".  So hence my title of this post..Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third - with EPA's R-134a refrigerant replacement.  The rollout of this new refrigerant has been nothing short of a complete cluster _______ and it is occurring in an industry (e.g. automobile manufacturing) that is new to OSHA's process safety standard.  So here is where we stand today (there are no guarantees for next week!)...

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