The state of OH is in the process of updating it's fire code to the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC).  In doing so, the state is upgrading its Mechanical Refrigeration requirements and one of the upgrades may have an impact on future Ammonia Refrigeration processes that have over 6.6 pounds (3 kg) of ammonia refrigerant, which would include almost all "industrial applications".  The proposed revised code will require RV discharges to be through an approved treatment system, flare, or diffusion tank unless the fire code official determines, on review of an engineering analysis prepared in accordance with paragraph 104.7.2 of rule 1301:7-7-01 of the administrative Code (see below for 104.7.2), that a fire, health or environmental hazard would not result from atmospheric discharge of ammonia.  This wording used to be an "exception" to these discharge requirements and the revised code now makes this the first option in the design basis.  "104.7.2 Technical assistance" is a technical opinion and report prepared by a qualified engineer, specialist, laboratory or fire safety specialty organization acceptable to the fire code official and will have analyzed the properties of the design, operation or use of the building or premises and the facilities and appurtenances situated thereon, to recommend necessary changes.  If the fire code official determines, on a review of this engineering analysis that a fire, health or environmental hazard would not result from the atmospheric discharge of ammonia then and only then will the facility be permitted to discharge their RV's directly to the atmosphere. So the RVs can go to atmosphere, but the facility will have to have a technical opinion and report prepared by a qualified engineer to justify it AND THEN the fire code official will have to "sign-off" on the design basis.  Here is what the proposed code looks like:

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