The short answer is yes, but the fact that they have negotiated this deal for a company to begin using NH3 over R-22 is very telling.  This month EPA settled a case in which the agreement required the company to replace R-22 with NH3 freezers on some fishing vessels.  The company will implement enhanced leak detection practices and replace freezer equipment to address violations of the Clean Air Act resulting from releases of ozone-depleting substances from two of its fish processing vessels in Alaska.  EPA investigators discovered that in 2012 the freezers on two vessels owned by the company were leaking an ozone-depleting refrigerant called R-22. EPA found that the vessel owners and operators failed to repair the leaks in a timely manner and failed to confirm that the freezers were not leaking when finally repaired.  The company will pay a $135,000 penalty, replace some or all of its current R‑22 freezers with units that use ammonia (NH3), and retire those not replaced.  CLICK HERE for the EPA announcement.

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