What's changed in CAMEOfm 3.4.1 and Tier2 Submit 2017 "rev 2"?
In November, the CAMEOfm 3.4 and Tier2 Submit 2017 program releases included new physical and health hazard categories to match the revised Safety Data Sheet (SDS) options described in OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard of 2012.  Newer versions of those programs are now available with a slight modification to the behavior of the new hazard category checkboxes.  The Hazard Not Otherwise Classified checkbox can now be checked together with other physical and health hazard categories (if appropriate).  An SDS may list physical hazards, health hazards, and/or a hazard not otherwise classified in the list of specific physical and health hazards.  Users should check the boxes in CAMEOfm and Tier2 Submit for all hazards that apply to the chemicals they are reporting for their facilities.  In some cases, that may mean users are checking specific hazards and also checking the Hazard Not Otherwise Classified box.  If the SDS includes information on the additional hazard, then we recommend that users enter the details about the hazard into the Facility Notes field.
If you want to know about additional changes in the earlier November releases of these programs, those are provided on the download pages.
Download CAMEOfm 3.4.1 at https://www.epa.gov/cameo/cameo-software
Download Tier2 Submit 2017 "rev 2" at https://www.epa.gov/epcra/tier2-submit-software
Note: If you're upgrading to CAMEOfm 3.4.1 from a previous version of CAMEOfm, follow the instructions in the guidance document (provided on the download page) to ensure that you don't lose your current data.
Want to know if your software is up to date?
The latest versions of the CAMEO software suite programs are ALOHA 5.4.7, CAMEO Chemicals 2.7, CAMEOfm 3.4.1, MARPLOT 5.1.1, and Tier2 Submit 2017 rev 2.
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