This week the CSB issued their report and video on the Kansas WRONG CHEMICAL - WRONG TANK incident. The CSB found that over the years a number of injuries have occurred as a result of similar incidents involving inadvertent mixing during unloading.  PHMSA reviewed serious incident data involving bulk loading and unloading of hazardous materials transported via highway and rail occurring between 2003 and 2007 and found that, of the incidents that reported a failure cause, 33% can be attributed to incorrect operation when performing a loading or unloading function. Examples of these incident causes include “failure to attend or monitor the operation, leaving valves in the wrong position, or improperly connecting hoses and other equipment.”187 PHMSA also found that “90% of the serious incidents occurred during highway loading or unloading operations and approximately 75% of those incidents involved CTMVs.

Screen Shot 2018 01 06 at 8.22.03 PM

Here is the 2017 Data and as we can see, Unloading Incidents still are a problem.

Transportation Phase
IN TRANSIT 4,120 0 24 1 $51,299,086
IN TRANSIT STORAGE 497 1 1 0 $1,007,847
LOADING 3,559 1 23 0 $2,057,274
UNLOADING 7,637 4 75 0 $4,758,763



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