We are all working with OSHA's new Walking and Working Surfaces standards and trying to figure out how all the new design standards will apply to our workplaces and activities.  And in doing so, many of us have seen that OSHA has now "officially" endorsed the use of alternating tread stairs in 1910.25(f).  But there may be a trick in this for us.  OSHA's standard 1910.25(f) basically provides us a design spec for these types of stairs and we have to look at 1910.25(b)(8) to find any limitations on where/how they can be used.  

1910.25(b)(8) Spiral, ship, or alternating tread-type stairs are used ONLY when the employer can demonstrate that it is not feasible to provide standard stairs. (emphasis added by me)

However, that is only OSHA's limitation on where/how they can be used...

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