scale3This week I came across a perfect example to demonstrate how OSHA's recent 1926 Subpart AA - Confined Spaces in Construction can impact BOTH construction sites AND workplaces normally covered by General Industry Standards (1910).  A lot of businesses who deal with tanker trucks will have a "scale" for weighing these trucks.  This week while working at a clients facility I came upon a job where their scale was being replaced.  As shown below, the installation of this scale required workers to enter what is clearly a Confined Space; however, due to the nature of their work and the condition in the scale pit this space did not rise to the level of it being a Permit-Required Confined Space (PRCS). Thus most of 1926.1201-.1213 or 1910.146 did NOT actually apply in this situation; however, there is one requirement that did apply under BOTH standards...

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