I would like to thank you for your interest in SAFTENG.net and ask that you read this ENTIRE page carefully before making your decision to join. After reading this ENTIRE page, you will be provided a link to go to the payment page should you decide to join. This site, my weekly safety newsletters, and weekly incident alerts are all done by me. This site is not associated with any type of business and I do all the work myself as a labor of love to the safety profession. This means that a newsletter or two may arrive over the weekend, rather than on their regularly scheduled Friday's and you may only get one edition of the Incident Alerts one week (or two) during the year. Thanks again for your interest and support! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Membership Rules:

  1. NEW Single User Memberships are $100 (US Dollars) for the first year and annual renewals are $30 if paid online with a credit card and $25 if paid by check or money order.

  2. If you would like to purchase a Corporate Membership, there are two levels:

    0-10 Users = $200.00/year

    Unlimited Users = $500.00/year

  3. Your membership is 365 days from the day you make payment.

  4. Your fee grants you permission to use your login ID and password from two separate computers. Access is tracked using IP addresses. If more than two different addresses are associated with your login ID, your account will be suspended until it can be determined if a violation has occurred. If you sign-up using a legitimate business e-mail address (i.e. businessname.com/net/org/edu) you will be able to access the site from any computer in the world. Just do not be logged in from two different computers at the same time, as this will DELETE your membership!!!

  5. Your membership gets you access to the members area of the website. This does NOT sign you up for the Weekly Incident Alerts; you will need to do that by filling out the "Join the Mailing List".

  6. Members are allowed to use the materials published through this website within their own immediate organization (e.g. plant site, facility, etc.) as LONG as they have an ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP. Once your membership expires, so do the rights to use the SAFTENG materials. Your "membership" does NOT grant you ownership of the SAFTENG.net Materials; those rights stay with the contributor of the material(s).

  7. The materials published through SAFTENG.net (e.g. newsletters, incident alerts and materials found on the website) can NOT be used to promote any type of business.

  8. PLEASE read the "USAGE RIGHTS" of the materials on SAFTENG.NET BEFORE making your payment.

What you get with your membership:

  • over 12,000 real-life, un-doctored photos of unsafe acts and conditions

  • over 3,000 real-life, un-doctored photos of injuries to workers - many of which are graphic in nature

  • hundreds of comical and some-what safety related photos and cartoons

  • hundreds of videos and PowerPoint presentations related to safety

  • Incident Alert service (weekly - 49 weeks/year) that tracks occupational incidents around the world. The incidents are provided in an e-mail and are broken down into four categories: Industrial, Construction, Workplace Violence, and Miscellaneous incidents.

  • special safety campaigns such as the National Fire Prevention Week, 3D - Month in December focusing on impaired driving, National Child Passenger Safety week in February focusing on child seats and booster seats, National Workplace Eye Safety Month, and many more throughout the year

  • Seatbelt and Impaired Driving Information section with dozens of educational and graphic photos

  • and much much more...over 15GB of materials as of 12/14.


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