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Written by Bryan Haywood   
Monday, 28 December 2009 05:00
  • over 11,000 real-life, un-touched, photos of unsafe acts/conditions and accidents/injuries
  • hundreds of comical and some-what safety related photos and cartoons
  • hundreds of safety related videos
  • thousands of PowerPoint presentations related to safety
  • a Weekly Safety Newsletter (50 weeks a year) that tracks safety issues and news that face safety professionals (the newsletter is directed towards USA businesses, but I do include world safety issues and resources often).
  • a Daily Incident Alert service (2 X week - 50 weeks/year) that tracks occupational incidents around the world.  The incidents are provided in an e-mail 2 times a week and are broken down into four categories: Industrial, Construction, Workplace Violence, and Miscellaneous incidents.
  • special safety campaigns such as the National Fire Prevention Week, 3D - Month in December focusing on impaired driving, National Child Passenger Safety week in February focusing on child seats and booster seats, National Workplace Eye Safety Month, and many more throughout the year
  • Seatbelt and Impaired Driving Information section with dozens of educational and graphic photos and much much more
  • ...over 10GB of materials as of 8/2012

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“I have worked with Bryan on implementing a safety management system that uses a score card that measures activities that our plant performs during a month. Some of the activities included audits by staff management, safety contacts by supervisors, hazard spotters by employees, safety equipment...

Rick Liston
Date: Apr 01, 2010