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2011 Fatality Tracker 



(2010 = 90)

(2009 = 100)


Mobile Equipment


(2010 = 110)




(2010 = 480)

(2009 = 586)



(2010 = 246)

(2009 = 302)




(2009 = 82)



(2010 = 139)

(2009 = 172)

(2008 = 250)

Work Zone


(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 69) 
(2008 = 69)



(2010 = 54)

(2009 = 48) 
(2008 = 90)



(2010 = 51)

(2009 = 68)
(2008 = 66)

Confined Space



(2009 = 73)
(2008 =137)

The numbers above are obtained from the news sources used to compile the Incident Alerts.  They are NOT official numbers published by any government agency.  They are derived SOLELY from my search engine search strings.


GAS DRILLING WORKER INJURED IN ACCIDENT (a natural gas worker was taken to a Hospital via lifeflight due to injuries sustained while working on equipment at a well site - he was wounded in the face, ear, eyes, and chest and had a possible fractured humerus)

FATAL FALL at GAS DRILLING RIG Victim In Well-Digging Accident Identified As Vernon Man (a worker, 61, died after falling in a well - he was pronounced dead at the scene - he fell about 12 feet while digging a well - he was part of a two-person team working on the project - the company specializes in the installation of water well systems throughout the state - the rig drilling the well was about 65 feet tall - when the 4-1/2-foot wide hole was about 15 feet deep, the man fell in - his coworker tried to get him out but lost his grip - the ground around the victim collapsed and the co-worker called police)

Fukushima nuclear plant worker dies (a worker hired to help bring the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant under control died suddenly, the third fatality reported among workers at the stricken plant since the March accident - it believed the death on Thursday, like the previous two, had nothing to do with exposure to radiation in the plant - it also said the death did not result from overwork, though the company did not disclose the cause - the male worker in his 50s became ill during a meeting before his shift started - he was taken to a hospital immediately, and died the next morning)

LOTO/GUARDING FATALITY Worker dies after being hurt at upstate NY plant (a 46-year-old man has died after being injured in an accident at an aluminum plant - he was operating machinery at the aluminum rolling plant when he was injured by the equipment - he was taken to a Hospital and then to Upstate University Hospital for treatment)

Molten iron spill kills 12 in east China (incident took place at around 11:45 a.m. at a plant - the workers were trying to shut down the plant when the accident occurred - a total of 13 workers were preparing for the shutdown of the furnace at the steel plant at the time of the mishap - rescue workers could initially recover eleven dead bodies and also save a worker, who is currently receiving treatment in a local hospital - another body was recovered on Thursday morning, bringing the death toll to 12)

Tree fall kills forestry worker (worker, 31, died when a tree fell on him during a harvesting accident about 1pm - paramedics were flown to the scene but he was already dead)

CONFINED SPACE FATALITY DTE Energy worker killed in Grosse Pointe Farms gas line accident (a worker, 50, was killed while responding to a gas leak - his partner called 911 saying the worker was unconscious in a hole and that a gas line had ruptured - rescue crews found him slumped over in a five foot hole while gas leaked from a pipe - police pulled him out of the hole and emergency crews rushed him to a Hospital where he was pronounced dead - he had worked for gas company for 20 years - he was placing a clamp over a gas leak when the line ruptured)

Worker hospitalized after getting head stuck (a worker is in the hospital after an accident at work - rescue crews airlifted the man to a Hospital after he got his head stuck in a piece of industrial equipment while at work - the worker's condition remains unknown)

FORKLIFT Forklift operator burned in Burlington Twp. (a worker, 48, at a trucking company was badly burned when the tractor trailer he was loading suddenly caught fire - he was loading a trailer when the forklift he was using sparked a fire inside the vehicle - investigators believe a mechanical failure on the forklift was to blame - the blaze destroyed the trailer and its contents and badly injured the worker - he had burns on his head and arms and was flown to a Burn Center for treatment - a sprinkler system at the company helped contain the fire - the blaze did not cause any structural damage to the company’s building)

ELECTRICAL Tampered electricity meter explodes, injuring worker (an electricity meter exploded, injuring a worker who was inspecting electrical work in a house - the meter had been tampered with and its modified wiring compromised the safety requirements, which posed high risks to personnel working on it - the electrical worker sustained 10% first degree burns on his hands, arms, and face - another team member who was with him was hit by flashover sparks which injured his eyes)

REFINERY EXPLOSION Regina refinery explosion injures workers (an explosion and fire at a refinery forced 1,400 people from the facility and sent seven to hospital with burns - two others were treated at the facility - by 8 p.m. four people had been released from hospital - of the three still there, one is in critical condition, one in serious-but-stable condition, and one has an unspecified fracture - all of the injured were contractors working on a $1.9-billion renovation and expansion of the refinery - when the explosion took place, there were 450 day staff and nearly 1,000 contractors on site - the fire began after a large explosion in the diesel processing area of the facility at around 2 p.m. - shortly before 3 p.m., the fire was under control - they have found the ignition point of the fire, and suspect the cause was a pipe leaking a mixture of hydrogen gas and diesel fuel that found a spark)

PROPANE FIRE while FILLING CYLINDER Worker Burned by Propane (employee, 52, was sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries - he received serious burns while filling a propane tank at the Kids First Swim School - as the worker was filling the tank, a spark flashed, causing 18 percent burns to his hands, arms and face, in addition to respiratory burns - he was taken to a Shock Trauma Center with life-threatening injuries)

CONFINED SPACE FATALITY – SEWER GAS 3 dead after inhaling gas from manhole (three men died after inhaling poisonous gas emanating from a manhole - incident took place when a worker, 30, had gone to clean the sewage inside - the worker fell into the manhole, which he had opened to clean the sewage, after inhaling the gas - on seeing him fall into the manhole a worker and his brother also entered the manhole to save the first worker but they also fainted and fell into the sewage - later the three were rushed to hospital where they were declared dead)

FATAL FALL Warehouse worker killed in fall in Toronto (a man reported to be in his 50s died after a fall in a warehouse - the worker was climbing a steel structure in order to remove dust from machinery and fell 25-30 feet to the ground)

FLASH FIRE Man critical from western Pa. packaging plant fire (a worker is recovering in critical condition after an explosion and fire at a packaging plant - the incident occurred about 1:30 p.m. when fumes from chemicals being mixed for a printing process were ignited by another machine nearby - fire marshal is investigating)

CONFINED SPACE FLASH FIRE Gas tank explosion injures worker (a man was severely burned by a vapor explosion in an underground gasoline tank at 8:11 a.m. - the explosion came from a 6,000-gallon tank as the worker was preparing to enter it to perform service work - heat from a halogen work light that was lowered into the tank ignited gasoline vapors - worker sustained a head injury and severe burns to several areas of his body - he was in satisfactory condition)

EXPLOSION Eight injured in ink factory blast (eight people were injured, four seriously, after a blast sent debris hundreds of feet into the air - more than 200 workers had to be evacuated from the ink cartridge recycling firm - neighbouring residents were told to close windows to keep out toxic smoke as 100 firefighters battled to stop the blaze from spreading and igniting gas canisters in nearby warehouses - Fire and Rescue confirmed that no one was missing)

AMMONIA EXPLOSION Four injured in Goshen chemical explosion (four people have been injured after a chemical leak at a fertilizer company - workers were welding a large tank containing aqua ammonia at the Fertilizer business when the tank exploded - four workers were taken to the hospital - three were taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment for breathing difficulties - a fourth worker was flown to a hospital for treatment - about 2000 gallons of aqua ammonia spilled - the Sheriff's Department says "because the aqua ammonia dissipated into the air, no evacuation was needed")

HOTWORK FIRE Eight suffer smoke inhalation in Intel plant fire (a fire outside a plant has left eight people injured - all eight were treated for smoke inhalation and three of them were taken to an area hospital - workers apparently were welding outside of the plant when nearby plastic caught fire around 2:30 p.m. - it was out by the time the Fire Department arrived - seven people were injured at the same plant in June when a flash fire started inside a solvent-collection room)

HOTWORK FIRE Fire at blast furnance in Bethlehem (an accidental fire broke out around 2:00 p.m. at one of the blast furnaces at the former Bethlehem Steel site - workers were using welding equipment in blast furnace C when leftover grease caught fire - no one was hurt and no other buildings were damaged - it took firefighters less than a half-hour to douse the fire)

REFINERY FIRE LAFD Responds to Fire at ConocoPhillips Refinery in Wilmington (an on-site leak of hydrogen at a Refinery ignited a stubborn non-injury fire that was brought under control by the refinery's industrial fire brigade without the need for evacuation)

REFINERY FIRE One Person Seriously Injured In BP Germany Refinery Fire (a fire at a refinery left one person seriously injured with severe burns - the fire, which occurred in the crude distillation unit of the refinery, was brought under control 20 minutes after it broke out and was extinguished shortly afterwards - another person suffered minor injuries)

EXPLOSION Two employees were injured today at Gilster-Mary Lee’s Pasta Plant (the employees were performing maintenance to equipment in the facility when an explosion occurred between 1 and 1:30 PM - the employees suffered serious burns and have been transferred to a Hospital for treatment - officials are assessing damage to the facility and equipment in the affected area, and partial operations will resume later)

HOTWORK EXPLOSION – cutting drums Small accident at Cobourg plant (an employee was injured just after 9 a.m. when a small explosion occurred - a man was cutting steel barrels for recycling when a piece of hot metal punctured the top of a 45 gallon steel barrel containing a tar-based chemical - police believe the fragment caused internal combustion within the barrel, causing the explosion - the employee suffered minor injuries to his left arm)

REFINERY EXPLOSION Four Indian workers killed in refinery explosion in Kuwait (the workers were killed and two other employees injured in a gas pipe explosion at a refinery - the explosion took place at the Gas Liquefaction Plant at the refinery during maintenance works - reports suggest the explosion was caused by a gas leak)

AMMONIA Hazmat Incident At Coca-Cola Bottling Company In East Hartford (crews responded to a minor ammonia leak at the bottling plant at 8:09 a.m. - the leak was stopped and the Department of Environmental Protection is responding - the ammonia, which is used as a refrigerant, leaked from piping outside the building)

CHLORINE Chlorine gas leak at mill (a pulp and paper plant reported a chlorine leak - the all-clear was given half an hour later  when the leak was contained by on-site fire service staff - an emergency valve released gas and the plant had to be evacuated - a cloud of chlorine gas was dispersed by strong winds over nearby forestry land with no danger to residents)


2 men hurt in construction accident (two men were injured in a construction accident at a shed at about 12:15 p.m. - a construction worker was pouring concrete when the shed fell and pinned him underneath - another man at the scene also was hurt - neither man's injuries were life-threatening and the men were taken to a Medical Center for treatment)

WORKZONE Worker injured at road construction site (a DOT worker, 45, directing traffic on a paving project was hurt after being hit by a dump truck that was backing up - he was flown to a hospital where he is listed in stable condition)

WORKZONE PennDOT flagger hurt in workzone accident (a DOT worker, 48, was airlifted from the scene of a crash in a construction zone - at about 1:20 p.m. a Subaru Forester was south in an area where the state Department of Transportation was doing maintenance work on ditches - the vehicle came to a stop as directed by the worker, a seasonal DOT worker who was the standing sign operator at the beginning of the construction zone - a Hyundai Elantra slowed behind the first vehicle - as he tried to stop, he struck both the gas and brake pedals, causing the car to lurch continuously forward -  vehicle continued to lurch forward, and struck the worker on the right side of the road - he was thrown into an embankment and struck a rock - he was listed in fair condition)

FALL into STORM DRAIN Construction worker injured in fall into Gaithersburg storm drain (a construction worker fell 10 feet down a storm drain and was hospitalized - worker suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries after he fell about 10 feet down an uncovered storm drain at a construction site - just before 9:30 a.m. he fell into the hole - he was extricated, treated at the scene and taken to a hospital shortly before 10 a.m.)

HOTWORK and FLAMMBLES Construction Accident Burns Worker (a construction worker, 36, was sent to the hospital after being burned in an accident where sparks from cutting a pipe ignited the ground and burned the man - he was taken to the hospital with burns on 30 percent of his body - he was cutting a pipe at a construction site around 4:40 p.m. - the sparks from the saw ignited something on the ground at the site that had been exposed to oil, also catching the man's clothing on fire - he was taken to the burn unit with serious but non-life threatening burns)

WORKZONE FATALITY Crash that killed flagman leads to charges for driver (a man was arrested in connection with a traffic accident Thursday that killed a construction worker, 43 - police arrested thye driver, 29, on one charge of reckless homicide and 10 counts of criminal recklessness - witnesses told police that a man driving a beige four-door Hyundai at high speed about 1 p.m. struck a propane truck and then the worker, then continued east in the westbound lane, striking five more vehicles - worker was serving as a traffic flagman for a construction crew installing a beam on I-465 - he was standing in the middle of the street with a sign that read "slow" when he was struck)

FATAL SCAFFOLDING COLLAPSE Death toll in Subic shipyard accident rises to 6 (another worker who was injured in an accident inside a shipyard, which instantly killed five others, died Saturday in the hospital - he had lost his leg during the accident and was rushed to a hospital - the death toll now totals six - seven other workers are still in the hospital after being injured in the same accident - the incident happened when a 42-ton steel scaffolding inside the shipyard gave way and fell on the workers working bellow - the accident happened around 10:20 a.m. at the forward drydock)

Elevator collapse kills 4 in E China (a malfunctioning elevator plunged from the 18th floor, crushing four workers to death and seriously injuring another at a construction site - the empty elevator suddenly plunged at about 4:30 pm as it was ascending to the 18th floor of a building under construction - one worker died at the scene - the other four were rushed to the local hospital where three died - the other worker remained in critical condition)

PIT FATALITY Worker found dead in 4-storey deep pit on Jurong Island (as he lay at the bottom of a four-storey deep pit, sand was slowly covering his body - when rescuers reached him more than two hours later, he was already dead, his body partly covered by sand and seawater - the pit, next to the sea, was the worksite of a seawater inlet which would channel in seawater used to cool machinery - it had a retaining wall made of metal sheetpiles that helped hold back the seawater - it is not known if he died from a fall or was smothered by the sand)

VEHICLE FATALITY Construction Worker Killed at Museum (a man, 82, was killed after being run over by a construction vehicle - he was pronounced dead at the construction site after the 7:30 a.m. incident - he worked for a subcontractor on the museum's expansion project)

TRENCH FATALITY Construction worker killed in underground shaft (the worker, in mid 20's, was working at a construction site when he became stuck in a six-metre underground shaft - he was found without vital signs, and pronounced dead a short time later)

FALL from ROOF Worker airlifted after falling 30 feet onto stonework (a worker, in his 40s, was airlifted for treatment after falling from the roof of a house onto the rock surfaces below - he fell 30 feet onto stone steps and the stone patio - no word on his condition)

CRANE FATALITY Three construction workers killed in Vietnam as hoist cable breaks (three workers died and two were injured when the cable of a hoist broke on a construction site - the injured were in critical condition - the five workers were sitting in the hoist, normally only used for construction materials, when the cable snapped - an initial investigation showed that the accident occurred due to overloading)

TRENCH Highway worker rescued after falling in trench (a construction worker, 50, had to be hoisted out of a ten-foot-deep trench - more than 25 technicians from six cities had to take their time to rescue the man - a loose wall of dirt could have buried him - it took two hours to get the equipment and rescuers safely in place - the man was standing at the edge of a trench when the side gave way, and he slipped 10 feet below ground - he was burying utility lines when the accident occurred - he's been an employee for 4 or 5 months, but has years of experience in the industry)

UPDATE now a FATAL FALL Worker who fell at Keene Middle School dies (the man, 58, who fell fell from scaffolding at a Middle School two weeks ago died Thursday afternoon - he fell 35-40 feet Sept. 22 during construction in the new school’s auditorium - he had been in critical condition since)

CRANE Crane collapses (a crane lifting a sailboat out of the water and onto its winter cradle at a Marina suddenly tipped over, its boom crushing the boat it was hoisting and damaging at least two more as it fell to the ground - the crane operator was shaken up but otherwise uninjured - it appeared that one of the supports that extend from each corner of the 65-ton crane to stabilize it had failed - all four legs had been extended to brace the crane and one looked damaged)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Iowan died in forklift accident (a worker, 46, was killed in a forklift accident - he was eastbound on the forklift when it crested a steep hill, stopped and rolled backward - it went into a ditch and rolled onto a side - he was hit by the forklift as he jumped off or was thrown)


Gunman who killed 3 at Bay Area quarry is slain (deputies shoot the gunman after encountering the armed suspect on a street in a nearby city - friends say he had complained of bias at the facility, where he was a driver - the firm denies it - first came the deadly shooting rampage at a quarry - then a 24-hour manhunt for the gunman that left area residents trapped inside their homes while SWAT teams and search dogs swarmed their community - by Thursday morning, the terror had come to an end when sheriff's deputies shot and killed the gunman, 49, after encountering the armed suspect)


FALL Great Adventure worker flown to Hospital after accident (at approximately 11:00pm an employee was rushed to an awaiting helicopter after sustaining an injury in what park officials said was a simple “trip and fall” - the employee was working one of the park’s Halloween attractions when the incident occurred - the employee was released from the hospital four hours after arriving)

CAR WASH Flint car wash worker struck by SUV left in critical condition (a man, 47, struck by an SUV outside a car wash was listed in critical condition - he was hand drying the passenger side of a 2008 Saturn Vue when the SUV moved forward, dragging the worker about 50 feet - he suffered critical internal injuries and the driver was interviewed and released at the scene)

ELECTROCUTION DelDOT worker electrocuted in Lewes mower incident (a DOT worker was electrocuted at 10:20 a.m. - the worker who was cutting grass struck an electrical power line)

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