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2012 Fatality Tracker



(2011 = 81)

(2010 = 90)

(2009 = 100)


Mobile Equipment


(2011 = 84)

(2010 = 110)

(2009 = 88)



(2011 = 248)

(2010 = 480)

(2009 = 586)



(2011 = 218)

(2010 = 246)

(2009 = 302)



(2011 = 50)

(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 82)



(2011 = 123)

(2010 = 139)

(2009 = 172)

(2008 = 250)

Work Zone


(2011 = 54)

(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 69) 
(2008 = 69)



(2011 = 36)

(2010 = 54)

(2009 = 48) 
(2008 = 90)



(2011 = 64)

(2010 = 51)

(2009 = 68)
(2008 = 66)

Confined Space


(2011 = 62)

(2010 = 112)

(2009 = 73)
(2008 =137)

The numbers above are obtained from the news sources used to compile the Incident Alerts.  They are NOT official numbers published by any government agency.  They are derived SOLELY from my search engine search strings.

Story of Interest

5 Workers Fired After Deadly New York City Elevator Accident (five elevator mechanics who were on duty when an advertising executive was crushed to death were fired, two days after city investigators said a key safety system was disabled during the elevator accident - a mechanic had overridden an important safety system before the Dec. 14 death - the Department of Buildings had sharply criticized the workers, saying that they failed to take simple precautions such as strapping caution tape across the elevator door - the executive, 41, was dragged between an elevator and a wall when the car started rising with the doors still open as she tried to get in)


FLASH FIRE Identities Released of 3 Men Injured in Pipeline Flash Fire (an industrial accident occurred about 11:30 a.m. burning three workers - one worker burned 55% of his body..arms ,legs and back of torso - another worker burned left arm and left side of neck - thrid worker both arms burned - they were working on a pipeline - they were trying to remove a valve off a pipeline when a flash fire occurred)

ACID Worker critically injured in acid spill (a worker was critically injured at an industrial plant when he dropped two glass jars filled with sulfuric acid - the accident was reported shortly before 10:30 a.m. - the worker apparently slipped and dropped the jars, which shattered and spilled the acid - the worker fell onto the broken glass and acid - worker cut his hand on the glass and suffered second-degree burns from the acid over 18 percent of his body, including his shoulder and back)

CONFINED SPACE Man rescued after fall into NY sewage pit (a worker was stuck at the bottom of a sewage pit for half an hour after he fainted while climbing a ladder - the accident happened at a nursing and rehabilitation center - the worker fell 20 feet to the bottom of the shaft - firefighters rigged up a pulley system to lower down a stretcher and get him out - he was taken to a hospital, but didn't appear to be seriously injured)

LOTO/GUARDING FATALITY Worker killed in industrial accident at KOS Wire identified (a worker was killed around 8:45 p.m.- when units arrived, they found an industrial accident inside the plant where a male had been killed - the 30-year-old worker was pulled into a piece of machinery and died as a result of injuries he received)

WORKZONE FATALITY Car strikes, kills local water worker (a water company employee, 49, died after being struck by a car while he was turning a valve around 11 a.m. - he was transported to a Hospital and later was transferred to a Toledo hospital, where he died - Police Department believed driver inattention was the cause of the accident)

FATAL EXPLOSION w/ AIR COMPRESSOR Harlem accident kills worker (worker, 70, died when an air compressor exploded - a 2-inch pipe struck him in the head at the pecan-processing plant - he was working on an air compressor when he noticed a leak - he told people to get away from it, and he turned to walk away from it when the pipe blew off and hit him in the right side of the head)

LOTO/GUARDING FATALITY AK Steel worker dies in conveyor belt accident (a contract employee, 27, working at the steel plant was killed when he apparently was caught in a conveyor belt and was asphyxiated)

ACID UNLOADING Workers Injured in Acid Accident (at least two workers are in the hospital after an industrial accident involving acid happened around 1:15 p.m. - the workers were unloading acid from a tanker truck - a LifeFlight medical helicopter was sent to pick up one worker and the other was taken to the hospital by an ambulance - their conditions are not known)

SPACE HEATER FIRE Corning Tower fire caused by worker's space heater (an electrical space heater kept under a worker's desk started the fire that forced the evacuation of the city's tallest building, where thousands of state employees work - the blaze caused significant damage to an office located in the basement of the building - no one was injured - the tower was evacuated as a precaution)

FATALITY OSHA investigates fatal accident at W.Va. plant (a worker has died from injuries suffered in an accident - accident involved a piece of machinery - worker was taken to a Hospital where he later died)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Fatal accident at NE Houston warehouse (a worker died in an apparent industrial accident when an object fell from a railroad car and hit him at a steel warehouse about 9 a.m. - he was pronounced dead about 15 minutes later - something fell off a railcar and hit the man - no other information was immediately available)

ELECTRICAL BURNS to LINEMAN Hydro worker burned by line near Oakbank (employee suffered electrical burns while working on a line - a crew was working on a 12-kilovolt line slated to be dismantled when the accident occurred at about 10:30 a.m. - the employee was reportedly conscious when he was airlifted to a medical Centre)

MINE FATALITIES Three Dead in Peru Mining Accident (three workers trapped by a cave-in at a mine are dead - the three men were ages 19, 22 and 32)

MINE FATALITY Worker dies at Sunrise Dam gold mine (a male worker has died at a gold mine - a worker was found unconscious at the controls of his equipment - the mine site's nurses attended the scene and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was administered with advice from the Royal Flying Doctor Service; however, the man was pronounced deceased)

AMMONIA PIPE FAILURE Ammonia pipe explosion downs 90 in Zamboanga City (dozens of people were rushed to hospital after an ammonia pipe explosion at an ice plant - the pipe exploded after being hit by a hard object by a worker - the colorless, but hazardous gas quickly spread to the neighborhood and suffocating many people)

HOTWORK Fire destroys Wiscasset business (a welding accident led to a fast-moving fire that destroyed a business - no one was injured - owner and his son were working in the building when there was a welding accident that led to the blaze - though fire crews arrived within a few minutes, they were unable to save the metal-clad structure from near total destruction - occupants of the building were welding on a car when the fire broke out)

FATAL EXPLOSION w/ VAC TRUCK 2 Workers Die in Oil Refinery Blast (two workers have died at an oil refinery after a vacuum tank exploded - the blast had a limited scope and has not affected overall operations at the plant - the explosion killed two workers ages 48 and 51)

WWTP EXPLOSION Methane Gas Caused Struthers Plant Explosion (two maintenance workers were seriously burned in an explosion at a wastewater treatment plant - they were listed in "critical" condition - the two victims were performing routine maintenance and have been identified as a 20-year employee and his assistant who was hired in 2006 - both men are in their late 50s and are being treated at a Burn Center - both suffered extensive burns - the Ohio State Fire Marshal has determined the incident was the result of an explosion of methane gas from an undetermined ignition source - the explosion happened about 2:30 p.m. and was contained to one portion of the facility that processed human and industrial waste - fire department reported to investigators that upon arrival they found very little fire and it was quickly extinguished - the explosion happened in a compression room that is used in the treatment of sludge coming into the plant - investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused the methane gas to build up and then ignite with so much force)

FORKLIFT Man crushed by forklift near Motueka (a man, 74, has been flown to a Hospital after being crushed by a large forklift - he suffered serious chest injuries and broken bones in his leg in the accident - he was treated by paramedics at the scene and then flown to a Hospital in a serious condition)


FATAL FALL Metro worker falls off beam, dies (a day after the general contractor launched the metro safety week, a worker died at the site - he slipped and fell off a beam, and later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital - the incident occurred around 5.45 am when the victim, 25, lost balance and fell off a 25-feet tall beam - his head also hit an iron beam placed near the construction site)

FATALITY Railway worker killed in freak accident (a construction worker, 32, succumbed to his injuries after he was hit by a big rock at the ongoing railway construction site - he was hit by the rock weighting around 1000 kg, rolled down from the top of the hill at the worksite of the railway construction)

FATAL EXPLOSION 1 Chinese Killed, Several Injured in Congo Blast (one worker was killed and several others injured in explosions - there were around 140 workers at the construction site when the blasts went off - the injured have been sent to hospital for medical treatment - at least three powerful blasts rocked the city at 8 a.m., shattering windows of office buildings)

WORKZONE FATALITY Migrant worker killed in Saudi road accident (worker‚35‚ died in a road accident - no details)

TRENCH RESCUE Con Ed, FDNY rescue construction worker in cave-in (two crews used a vacuum truck to help rescue a City worker who was buried alive when a construction trench caved in - a construction worker had fallen into a trench, and the Fire Department could not pull him out because he was buried in debris - Con Ed workers used two trucks that are normally used to suck up dirt from manholes to clear the debris - the worker was pulled from the trench and treated at a hospital)

FATALITY Austin Water Utility worker killed (a water worker was killed while replacing water lines - circumstances surrounding the incident still aren't clear, though KVUE News is told it was a construction accident - the accident occurred around 3:30 p.m.)

WALL COLLAPSE FATALITIES Four construction worker killed in wall collapse in Philippines (four construction workers were killed when a wall collapsed on them - four workers were also injured in the accident in an industrial park - the workers were building the wall for a pharmaceutical company when a "sudden strong wind" swept through the area, causing the 25-metre-wide structure to fall)

BACKHOE FATALITY Construction worker hit, killed by backhoe (a construction worker was killed after being struck by a backhoe at a worksite around 1 p.m. - no details have been released on the victim)

ELECTROCUTION w/ LADDER Roofing contractor dies on job in Oakland County (a roofing contractor was killed when a ladder he and a co-worker were holding struck a power line - the two contractors were preparing to climb to the top of a two-story building - while the men were trying to raise the ladder, they lost control and it fell into several electrical wires about 10 to 12 feet off the edge of the building - both victims were taken to a hospital - a 51-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital, and a 48-year-old man was treated and listed in stable condition)

FALL from BRIDGE Worker injured in Truman Parkway construction accident (rescue personnel pulled a man from a construction accident shortly after 7 p.m. - a man slipped and fell about 20 feet while working on a bridge over the Vernon River for the parkway's extension - a crane was used to lift the man to safety)

CRANE FATALITY Tower collapses on worker (worker, 45, was killed when a section of a powerline tower fell on him in a workplace accident - he was working to erect a high voltage powerline tower - a crane was in the process of lifting a section to the top of the tower when a piece of the structure collapsed on the man just before 9am. - he died before emergency services arrived)

SCAFFOLDING FATALITY Construction worker died when scaffolding pole fell on his head (a construction worker, 54, was killed on his cigarette break when a pole fell from one of the largest scaffolding structures in Europe and hit him on the head - he was sitting in the smoking area of the £100 million pound development while part of the scaffolding was being dismantled above him)

MOBILE EQUIPMENT OSHA investigates F1 site after injury (worker in critical condition after tractor rollover - the man was unresponsive after the incident, suffering traumatic cardiac arrest - a machine used to compact dirt rolled over, though they did not know if he fell off the machine or if it rolled over onto him - the rollover happened at about 4 p.m.)

ELECTRICAL w/ CONCRETE BOOM TRUCK Worker survives 11,000 volts (a site worker has survived a potentially deadly electric shock when the boom of a concrete pumping truck touched high-voltage power lines carrying 11,000 volts - he suffered entry and exit burns from the shock and was rushed to a hospital but his injuries were not believed to be life threatening - at about 11:30 am he was apparently controlling part of the boom from which the concrete flows when another part of the apparatus touched the power lines)

WORKZONE FATALITY Construction worker killed in accident (construction worker, 53, was killed when a vehicle left the roadway striking him - he was working for a company installing cable barriers along the interstate when a vehicle traveling south veered into the median and struck him, killing him instantly - he was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple blunt force injuries - a second construction worker, 44, was taken to a Medical Center for treatment - another worker was treated and released)

EXCAVATOR FATALITY Man struck, killed by excavator (a worker, 34, died in a freak accident - he was a heavy machine operator - workers were loading a large pipe about 7:30 a.m. when the incident happened - the pipe hit a lever on an excavator, setting the 5-ton piece of machinery in motion - he was standing in front of the equipment - he was struck and later died from the injuries he sustained)

TRENCH FATALITY Sand cave-in worker killed (one person died and three others were injured when a pile of sand fell on them while working at a construction site - worker, 21, died on the spot, three others were taken to a Medical Complex - the incident took place around 7pm when the workers, who were digging a trench, were buried under lose sand - some of their colleagues raised the alarm and called for help - the men remained buried in the sand for 43 minutes before they were rescued by Civil Defence personnel)


ELECTROCUTION w/ CRANE BOOM Dry Prong worker electrocuted in Pineville (a worker, 49, was electrocuted while working at a residence for a tree-surgery company at about 9:15 a.m. - he was operating a crane truck in the yard of the residence when a portion of the boom of the truck became entangled in a power line - he jumped from the truck, but touched a metal ladder connected to the truck - Fire Department and Ambulance responded and administered first aid, and he was taken to a Medical Center and was pronounced dead at the hospital)

CONFINED SPACE FATALITY w/ GRAIN BIN SWEEP AUGER 33-year-old Neb. father killed in farm accident (a 33-year-old father was killed while working in a grain bin - his clothing was caught in a sweep auger in the grain bin - emergency workers cut him free, but he died later at a hospital)

TREE TRIMMING FATALITY Worker killed when tree fell onto him (a worker died after a tree fell on him - the crew was removing trees along Highway 587 around 3 p.m. when the accident happened - county coroner are still trying to determine exactly what happened)

FATAL EXPLOSION w/ TIRE Man dies while installing industrial tire in Ala. (a man, 50, is dead after the industrial tire he was installing at a service center exploded - the tire rim blew up, hitting him in the chest and knocking him into a crane boom - he died on the scene - he had been with the company for six years)


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