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2012 Fatality Tracker



(2011 = 81)

(2010 = 90)

(2009 = 100)


Mobile Equipment


(2011 = 84)

(2010 = 110)

(2009 = 88)



(2011 = 248)

(2010 = 480)

(2009 = 586)



(2011 = 218)

(2010 = 246)

(2009 = 302)



(2011 = 50)

(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 82)



(2011 = 123)

(2010 = 139)

(2009 = 172)

(2008 = 250)

Work Zone


 (2011 = 54)

(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 69) 
(2008 = 69)



(2011 = 36)

(2010 = 54)

(2009 = 48) 
(2008 = 90)



(2011 = 64)

(2010 = 51)

(2009 = 68)
(2008 = 66)

Confined Space


(2011 = 62)

(2010 = 112)

(2009 = 73)
(2008 =137)

The numbers above are obtained from the news sources used to compile the Incident Alerts.  They are NOT official numbers published by any government agency.  They are derived SOLELY from my search engine search strings.


EXPLOSION @ ADHESIVES PLANT Japan chemical plant blast kills one, injures 15 workers (a blast at a chemical plant in western Japan killed one worker, 22, and injured at least fifteen others - the accident occurred at a factory operated by comprehensive chemical manufacturer - nine other company employees and workers for subcontract companies were severely or slightly injured, while at least four residents in the neighborhood were slightly injured - the plant had been manufacturing materials to make adhesives)

MINE Underground mine worker injured in accident (a worker, 22, is recovering with head and chest injuries after an incident in an underground mine - a projective "sprung away" and flew across the room to strike the worker - he was treated by emergency personnel on site, before being transported to a Hospital)

FORKLIFT and EXPLOSION Two Men Seriously Injured in Industrial Accidents (two separate accidents at warehouses send two workers to the hospital - at 8 a.m., a worker, 46, was hurt when he was pinned between a lift truck he had been working on at the warehouse - a second warehouse worker, 29, suffered severe chemical burns in an accident at a facility on Docks at 11:15 a.m. - he was working on a chemical mixture when it exploded - the victim suffered first and second degree burns over 25 percent of his body)

STEEL MILL BURNS One Person Injured in Accident At AK Steel Plant (an accident at the steel plant sends a man to the hospital just before 1:30 a.m. - a worker was moving molten metal in a railroad car when he was burned - he was taken to a Hospital for 1st and 2nd degree burns to his arm - he was treated and released-and returned to the job)

MINE FATALITIES Five die in Brazil when elevator crashes (five miners died in a elevator accident at an emerald mine - the elevator the workers were riding in crashed into its shaft from a height of 100 meters when its steel cable broke)

FORESTRY Forestry worker crushed by log (a man with a broken leg had to be carried out of a steep gully at a forestry block after his leg was crushed by a log - it took firefighters and the man's colleagues 45 minutes taking turns in teams of six to carry the man to the road so he could be taken to hospital after the 10am accident - the man's leg was broken below the knee, with the break showing beneath the skin)

UPDATE on REFINERY FIRE Refinery under investigation (an oil refinery faces an intensive investigation after an oil-filled tank caught fire - the fire was put out later in the day - it wasn't the first fire at the refinery and that the company will face scrutiny this time from the state fire marshal, state hazardous waste regulators and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - the refinery was forced to shut down for a time in February)

REFINERY FIRE Small fire breaks out at Texas BP plant (no injuries from fire - lightning struck a compressor at the plant and a small fire started - the public was not immediately affected - crews at the plant brought the fire under control in less than 30 minutes)

AMMONIA Gas leak at cold storage triggers panic in Agartala (laborers noticed leakage of ammonia gas on Friday and it triggered a panic in the area - the fire service officials rushed to the spot to take cognizance of the issue)

AMMONIA One man treated after ammonia spill at water plant (one person was treated for chemical exposure after an ammonia spill at the new water plant - after being checked out by ambulance personnel, the man declined a trip to the hospital - the leak occurred when a tank used to hold ammonia overflowed - the ammonia, which is used in the water purification process, was contained inside the plant, which is not yet operational - four members of the haz-mat team put on the most protective suits in the fire department’s inventory before two entered the building and closed a valve that stopped the leak)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Man killed at work site near Victorville (worker, 32, died when he was struck in the head by a forklift bucket at a work site and was pronounced dead at the site - the crew was lining a waste-water pond when a forklift moving large rolls of liner struck the worker - no other injuries were reported)


WORKZONE FATALITY Fatal Crash in MoDOT I-270 Work Zone (a worker, 37, was killed when a work vehicle was struck in the Interstate 270 work zone - the crash happened around 3:15 a.m. in the northbound lanes of I-270 when a driver struck a worker's vehicle - worker was killed in the crash according to the report - his car was struck the driver, 41, as she changed lanes in a Department of Transportation work zone - his vehicle then struck a rock bluff and overturned)

FALL Construction Worker Falls Into Cement Mold (a construction worker was hurt when he fell about 20 feet into a cement mold around 9:30 a.m. - the worker, who is believed to be in his late 20s, was taken via medical helicopter to a Medical Center)

CRANE FATALITY 1 person killed in highway construction accident in Brown County (a construction worker, 58, has died in an accident in the median of a Highway - he was pinned underneath a crane arm as workers were unloading the equipment from a trailer - the construction worker was pronounced dead at the scene by the County coroner)

Two killed in tipper truck mishap (a construction worker was killed on the spot, and another died on the way to hospital, succumbing to injuries from a vehicle accident - the tipper truck, the two workers were in, went off road, when climbing a steep and narrow road - the truck, which fell about 100m below the road, was on its way to the dumping yard, carrying 30 tons of excavated material)

BARGE CAPSIZE Barge capsize sends worker to hospital (one person was taken to a hospital after a barge capsized - accident happened at a bridge repair project - seven men on the barge jumped into the lake, and all were rescued within minutes - one of the workers was flown to a hospital - the person who was taken to the hospital was being checked as a precaution because he couldn't get warm after being taken from the water)

FORKLIFT FATALITY OSHA investigating Parkland construction death (a worker, 24, was killed on the job at the construction site for a new hospital - he died after being hit by a lull, or large forklift, while working on the construction project - the lull was moving forward when it struck the worker)

CRANE 2 injured in crane accident at Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur (two people were injured in a crane accident - a crane being used for work on the hospital’s cooling center tipped over while an operator was repositioning it - the operator and another worker suffered minor injuries)

NAILGUN Man shot in head with nail gun (a worker, 28, was shot in the head by a nail gun - he was airlifted to the medical center after several construction workers brought him to a firehouse with a 2 1/2-inch nail lodged in his head - he was struck by the nail during a construction accident at a private residence - one worker had apparently been climbing a ladder and was unaware that his finger was on the trigger of the nail gun - the gun then discharged and the man was struck)


FARMING Worker seriously injured in cotton accident (a worker was seriously injured by a piece of machinery in a cotton field - no details)

WALL COLLAPSE FATALITY Worker killed when cinder block wall falls and crushes him (a man, 40, pressuring washing the side of a building was killed when the adjacent building's wall fell on top of him just before noon - he died instantly, when the cinder blocks of the neighboring wall fell and crushed him)

HOTWORK Welding torch sparked N. Brookfield fire (a stubborn fire started by a welding torch is under control)



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