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2013 Fatality Tracker



(2012 = 68)

 (2011 = 81)

(2010 = 90)

(2009 = 100)



(2012 = 52)

 (2011 = 84)

(2010 = 110)

(2009 = 88)



(2012 = 92*)

 (2011 = 248)

(2010 = 480)

(2009 = 586)

*no longer includes China accidents



(2012 = 241)

 (2011 = 218)

(2010 = 246)

(2009 = 302)



(2012 = 52)

 (2011 = 50)

(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 82)



(2012 = 99)

 (2011 = 123)

(2010 = 139)

(2009 = 172)

(2008 = 250)

Work Zone


 (2012 = 62)

 (2011 = 54)

(2010 = 50)

(2009 = 69) 
(2008 = 69)



(2012 = 44)

 (2011 = 36)

(2010 = 54)

(2009 = 48) 
(2008 = 90)



(2012 = 44)

 (2011 = 64)

(2010 = 51)

(2009 = 68)
(2008 = 66)

Confined Space


(2012 = 54)

(2011 = 62)

(2010 = 112)

(2009 = 73)
(2008 =137)

The numbers above are obtained from the news sources used to compile the Incident Alerts.  They are NOT official numbers published by any government agency.  They are derived SOLELY from my search engine search strings.


CHLORINE Russian Workers Hospitalized After Chlorine Leak In Perm (at least 24 workers have been hospitalized after a chlorine spill at a chemical plant - the March 1 accident at the plant caused the release of a large amount of liquid chlorine - one worker is reported to be in very critical condition - two others are described as in serious but stable condition)

FATAL FALL from OVEN One worker killed in ILVA plant accident (one worker, 42, was killed and another injured in an accident at a steel plant - he was killed after falling from the loading ramps of a battery of coke ovens while his co-worker sustained serious injuries - the two were carrying out maintenance activities in a part of the plant that is undergoing renovation works and is not in operation)

DRILLING FATALITY Worker killed in Ohio drilling accident (one man was killed and another, 21, was injured in a drilling accident at a gas drilling rig - the injured man told the sheriff that he and the other victim were using drilling equipment and hadn't hooked up a safety line designed to keep it from swinging around and striking workers - he fell backward and suffered a severe laceration to the back of his head)

LAB ACCIDENT Picatinny lab worker hurt in accident (an accident in a lab landed a contracted employee in the hospital at about 8:30 a.m. - during testing, the contracted employee was injured and sent to a Hospital where he was treated for abrasions and released)

SAWMILL FATALITY Police name mill worker who died (a sawmill worker, 40, died and was thought to have been crushed by machinery)

FATAL FALL from CATWALK Worker killed in Falls Twp. sugar plant accident (a worker is dead after falling into a sugar hopper at a processing plant - the temporary worker at the facility was walking on a catwalk when he fell into a large sugar vat at around 2:40 p.m. - workers noticed the man was missing - an autopsy will be performed on the victim to see if he suffered any type of medical condition prior to falling)

GUARDING FATALITY Detectives identify worker killed on the job (a plant worker, 35, was fatally injured by a saw - he was an eight-year employee at the plant - he was fatally injured when he became caught in an angular saw that he was operating - he suffered “traumatic injuries” and was transported to a hospital at 8:28 a.m., but was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital)

ELECTRICAL EXPLOSION Three seriously injured in Dubai work site accident (three workers are fighting for their lives after suffering severe electrical burns in a site accident - the victims, two electrical engineers and one supervisor, were testing some electrical panels when the accident happened at around 11am - according to an official, the victims reportedly forgot to remove the electrical cables of the previous panel from the machine tester they were using and plugged another set of cables from another panel causing the machine to explode - an electrical engineer, 29, suffered 40 per cent burns to his body - another worker, 26, suffered 90 per cent burns while another worker suffered 100 per cent burns)

FATAL FALL from COLLAPSED PLATFORM Fatal platform fall at French plant (two contract workers have died and a third seriously injured in an accident during maintenance work in a reactor building at a nuclear power plant - the accident happened at about 5.00pm as the contractors were reportedly painting or treating the walls of the unit 4's reactor building - they were working on a platform which appears to have become detached, dropping the workers several metres to the floor below - two of the workers could not be resuscitated and died from their injuries - the third worker was severely injured)

UPDATE on CONFINED SPACE FATALITY Coroner: Hydrogen Sulfide Killed Worker At South Carolina Plant (authorities have determined what killed a man who died doing work at a paper plant in January - Coroner says the worker, 39, died of hydrogen sulfide intoxication - authorities say he and another worker climbed into an old tank outside the main production area at the plant to do some maintenance work - his cousin, who was also working in the area, said smoke went into the tank, triggering alarms and trapping the worker inside - the other worker was removed from the tank and was treated for injuries - OSHA is investigating the death)

HAZCOM LABELING FATALITY Three die after consuming chemical taking it for salt (in a bizarre mix-up, three workers died after consuming a chemical which they thought was salt - the condition of four other workers was said to be critical - the workers, who cooked food on the company premises, ran out of salt and searched for it in a room that also stored painting material - there they found the chemical which looked exactly like salt - the chemical, which couldn't be immediately defined, was then mixed in the food (tehri) they had cooked - soon after consuming the food, the workers’ condition started deteriorating)

Fire breaks out at Texas refinery, no injuries (a refinery caught fire, but no one was injured in the blaze - the fire broke out in the mid-afternoon when a hose leading to a tank came loose, setting fire to a pump at the plant - the pump was carrying a gasoline-like substance, and fire officials allowed the fire to burn itself out - no reports of injuries or threats to the environment)

HUMAN FACTORS Whisky Flushed by Accident (priceless whisky of six thousand gallons to be somewhat exact was accidentally flushed down the drain at a bottling plant when the workers intended to drain waste water unintentionally dumped the whisky instead - it happened on a night-shift washout-that's when the equipment is cleaned for a changeover between different products - instead of draining the water and cleaning solution, they flushed out all the whisky - no one noticed until 11 a.m.)

AMMONIA Ammonia Leak Reported At Pepsi Plant In Buena Park (an ammonia leak inside a refrigeration unit at a distribution plant resulted in the temporary evacuation of a dozen workers about 7 a.m. - contractors have since repaired the small leak - the scene was cleared about 9:30 a.m. - no one was injured)

FORKLIFT Woman hurt in forklift accident (a woman, 52, was hurt in a forklift accident around 6:30 p.m. - she suffered unspecified injuries when a pallet full of boxes she was pulling was struck by a forklift, causing the boxes to fall on her - she was taken by ambulance to a hospital - her condition was unknown at press time - the driver of the forklift told the responding officer that she came around a corner and honked her horn three times before hitting the pallet the worker was pulling)


WORKZONE FATALITY Construction worker killed on I-81 Thursday (a worker, 34, was killed in an accident while working on a construction project on I-81 - he was walking across the northbound lanes of the interstate near Mile Marker 8 when his hard hat was blown off - he went into traffic to retrieve the hat, but was hit by a tractor-trailer, killing him)

BACKHOE FATALITY – CRUSHED Worker ID'd in fatal accident (a construction worker, 49, died when he was crushed by a backhoe - he appeared to have died from massive traumatic injuries - the operator of a backhoe backed over him - he was part of a small crew that was laying pipe along the road for water lines)

HAND INJURY Worker Airlifted After Accident At Manhattan Construction Site (a construction-related accident sent one person to the hospital with what officials described as a serious hand injury - reports that the worker suffered a partial amputation at the wrist - it is unclear what the man was working on at the job site at the time of the incident)

WORKZONE Metro Worker Struck In Accident On Rockville Pike (a Metro worker was struck and his truck damaged in an accident - the worker sustained leg injuries and was transported to a Hospital - the car hit the worker at about 40 miles per hour around 10:30 a.m. while working near a Metro cherry picker truck)

TRENCH Worker involved in cave-in at Marshfield High School construction site (a worker at a High School construction site was taken to the hospital for evaluation following an accident - at 11:45 a.m. the worker was working below ground in a trench box being excavated for utilities at the new school - the ground under the worker’s feet gave way and he was trapped in dirt and sand - Fire Department with the assistance of construction workers removed him from the excavated area and transported him to a local hospital)

FATAL EXPLOSION Worker dies in residential site explosion (the explosion on a residential construction site was caused by a gas leak in the basement of the unoccupied single family dwelling - at about 1:15 p.m. a gas fitter, 33, was working at a new home under construction, when the explosion occurred - rescuers transported two injured workers and ground ambulance transported another to hospital with burns - one of the workers succumbed to his injuries and two other are in critical condition - the blast burned their clothes off - the explosion was strong enough to blow out the front window, as well as blow two sides of the house onto neighboring homes)

FALL down ELEVATOR SHAFT Worker hurt in fall down Omaha elevator shaft (a demolition worker, 20, has suffered serious injuries after falling down an elevator shaft - he was working on the main floor of a building on the west side - he stepped back and plunged more than a dozen feet down the shaft)

WORKZONE Campbell County Construction Worker Hit By Car, Injured (a construction worker is injured after a car lost control and hit the worker just after noon - the 18 year old driver hit a wet spot, lost control, and hit the worker who was flagging traffic - the worker was knocked into a ditch-the car ended up in the ditch also, laying on it's side - worker was taken to University Medical Center)


Three dead, seven wounded in Swiss factory shooting (an employee, 42, killed two workmates and wounded seven when he opened fire in a factory - the gunman, who also died, had worked for more than 10 years at the wood panel plant - he had no record of making trouble, police and factory officials said, but workmates quoted by Swiss media said he may have been suffering from mental problems since last year - he reportedly launched his assault with a handgun at around 9:00 am in the plant's canteen - police said that he appeared to have aimed deliberately at his victims, rather than spraying shots at random - of the seven wounded, six were in a serious condition)


ELECTROCUTION Worker killed in rooftop incident (a worker, in his 30's, was taken to a hospital after emergency workers say he suffered a serious electric shock while working on the roof of a restaurant at 10:50 p.m. - firefighters and paramedics said they believe the man may have suffered an electric shock while working on refrigeration equipment on the roof - paramedics performed CPR before the man was lowered from the roof with a basket and an aerial ladder - he was rushed to hospital where he later was pronounced dead)

FLASH FIRE from NATURAL GAS Explosion burns two Sports Chalet workers (two employees suffered burns after an explosion ripped through the sporting goods store - the two employees were asked to shut off a gas valve after someone reported smelling gas - the explosion, which was described as sudden flash fire, occurred in the pool area where scuba equipment is stored - the employees suffered unspecified injuries, but a sheriff's department official said they were taken to a Hospital to be treated for burns - there was minimal damage to the building)

CRUSHING FATALITY from PLANE US worker crushed while repairing plane in Bahamas (a maintenance worker, 41, from Florida has been crushed by a plane he was repairing at the main international airport in the Bahamas - he died while working on a Beechcraft 1900 plane - the plane's landing gear collapsed, causing part of the plane to fall)

FATAL FALL from LADDER (NOTE: article mentions he may have had heart attack before falling) Nutley school worker dies after fall (a maintenance worker died after a medical-related fall at a Middle School at 10:20 a.m. - he had fallen off a ladder and was transported to a hospital)

LAB EXPLOSION Worker hurt in Charlestown, Mass. lab chemical explosion (a chemical reaction caused a glass container to burst resulting in lacerations to a researcher’s arm - the researcher was being treated in the Emergency Department - a lab tech was working with a chemical called tetrazine - there was some sort of explosion and the man was injured - he has non-life threatening injuries - his arm was bloodied from the glass that exploded)

HOTWORK Man critically burned after welding too close to combustibles in body shop (a man was seriously injured in a fire that destroyed a body shop - he was significantly burned and was later flown to the University Hospital's burn unit where he is in critical condition - the damage and content loss was estimated at $300,000 - fire officials determined the blaze accidentally started when he was welding too close to flammable and combustible materials in the northeast corner of his shop)

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