You are eligible for a FREE membership if...

1.  PLEASE NOTE, due to the copy right lawsuit from late in 2012 I am currently NOT accepting contributions for "new memberships".  

You contribute any of the following to the site for sharing with others:

1) five unsafe act/condition photos,
2) five accident/injury photos,
3) five training presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint format,
4) five SAFE WORK PRACTICE procedures in Microsoft WORD format, or
5) any combination of these items. 

ALL your submissions MUST include a statement in your submittal e-mail that everything you are submitting is YOUR WORK and that it has not been downloaded from the internet or purchased from a business and that you are granting me EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS and permission to post YOUR work on for others to use.

2.  You work for an official Government Safety Agency such as OSHA, Chemical Safety Board, CDC/NIOSH, MSHA, NTSB, UK's Health and Safety Executive, Victoria's WORKSAFE, Worker Comp Boards, etc.  Any employee of any government SAFETY agency anywhere in the world is eligible.  Send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your work e-mail account and I will set you up. 

NOTE: This FREE government membership is ONLY if you are directly employed by a government SAFETY agency.  It is NOT for all government employees or contractors of a government or government agency.

3.  You are a FULL-TIME educator for a recognized and accredited school system.  If you want to incorporate safety into your curriculum I will grant you FREE access. 

NOTE: this exemption does NOT apply to EHS professionals working for a school system.  ONLY for teachers and professors teaching at the school FULL-TIME and incorporating safety into their curriculum..

4. You are majoring in Occupational Safety and Health,  Industrial Hygiene, or Fire Protection at an ABET accredited university.  Click Here to see the ABET accredited programs eligible.  NOTE: the ABET search engine will allow you to search dozens of programs that are NOT EHS related.  The FREE membership offer is ONLY for those working on degrees directly related to the EHS profession (Safety, IH, Environmental, Fire Protection, etc.)

5. Your company is a Client of LLC consulting business; even if your facility has not utilized my services, you are still eligible if I have worked at one of your company's facilities.  

6. You are a safety officer for one of the branches of the United States Military, including the National Guard, Reserves, and Coast Guard.  Contractors for the military are NOT eligible for this free membership. 

I hate to even say this, but I reserve the right to request proof that you are who you say you are and you work where you say you work.  IP addresses of e-mails sent to me will be used to verify your location and company.  You may even receive a phone call from me at the numbers you provide when you sign up for your FREE membership.

This site is NOT a business and I have no intentions of running it like a business, but I also have no intentions of working my tail off to allow consultants to use my work to further or promote their business with their clients at my expense.  Consultants CAN join, they can even get FREE memberships via making contributions to the site; however, when they use any of materials (including the incident alerts and newsletter punblications) they MUST give credit to AND they MUST NEVER use to promote their business in any shape, form, or fashion. is in existence to promote SAFETY only.  There are a handful of consulting firms that have my permission to use to promote their business and those are my sponsors and my friends, which are one in the same.

If you have questions about any of this information or I have left your group out, please feel free to contact me.


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