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Chemical Process Safety (PSM/RMP)

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101 BSEE Releases Panel Investigation Report into Fire and Explosion on Gulf of Mexico Platform (FATAL HOTWORK ACCIDENT) Bryan Haywood
102 What is it? Hint: Think piping RAGAGEP Bryan Haywood
103 Comparison of Tier II, TRI, and 112(r) Requirements Bryan Haywood
104 Which agency (feds, state, county) enforces RMP at your facility? Bryan Haywood
105 NBIC Pressure Relief Device (PRD) Inspection Guide Bryan Haywood
106 Answering the question... Can a Relief Valve be installed horizontally? Bryan Haywood
107 Principles for proof testing of safety instrumented systems in the chemical industry (UK's HSE) Bryan Haywood
108 RMP and Population Estimates from 2010 Census Data Bryan Haywood
109 Challenging PHA assumptions during revalidations Bryan Haywood
110 NH3 Refrigeration Auto Purger Design Change Bryan Haywood
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