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Chemical Process Safety (PSM/RMP)

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1 Testing for water in your Ammonia Refrigeration Process Bryan Haywood
2 Relief Devices and Condensers in NJ Bryan Haywood
3 Interesting RV replacement schedule for PV’s holding NH3 in WI Bryan Haywood
4 Bench Testing your Relief Valves and IIAR Bryan Haywood
5 CAL OSHA's PROPOSED PSM Standard for Refineries Bryan Haywood
6 OSHA’s revised Injury and Illness Reporting may call for an MOC at PSM/RMP facilities Bryan Haywood
7 Hazardous Locations (HAZLOCs) and Medical Devices Bryan Haywood
8 Catastrophic failure of Ammonia Cryogenic Storage Tank w/ Ammonia Fire (7 deaths and 57 injured) Bryan Haywood
9 How far would you go with the “co-Location” coverage to determine PSM/RMP coverage? Bryan Haywood
10 If this looks familiar... well, you may need some help (Cartoon) Bryan Haywood
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