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Emergency Response

In my emergency response articles I cover everything from written programs, training, and actual repsonse tips and topics to consider in your facility's Emergency Response efforts.

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1 Portable Extinguishers: Monthly Inspections (USFA) Bryan Haywood
2 Drawing the line between “Operators” and “Emergency Responders” Bryan Haywood
3 Knowing the limitations of your emergency response equipment Bryan Haywood
4 SCBA Cylinder Retester Locations (PHMSA) Bryan Haywood
5 Three Firefighters Injured While Recharging A Pressurized Water Fire Extinguisher Bryan Haywood
6 EPA EPCRA citations @ Brewery (NH3 and $20K) Bryan Haywood
7 Can FF Turn-Out Gear be repaired with "used" materials from other gear (NFPA Interp) Bryan Haywood
8 NFPA BLEVE Training Video (Full 20 Minutes) Bryan Haywood
9 UNPREPARED Emergency Escape Breath Devices (EEBD)/Emergency Life Support Apparatus (ELSA) (USCG) Bryan Haywood
10 Storage Practices: Controlled Atmosphere Storage (USFA) Bryan Haywood
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