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The Incident Alerts publications are sent out via e-mail once a week, as well as posted here for FREE for one month for anyone to use.  Their intended purpose is to raise awareness of workplace accidents, specifically the frequency in which they occur, with the hope that workers will begin to realize that accidents happen much more often than they think.  I breakdown the accidents into four (4) categories:  Industrial, Construction, Workplace Violence and Miscellaneous.  I only report accidents that occur at fixed facilities.  I do not report on transportation accidents and I no longer include accidents involving Fire or Police department personnel.

NOTICE!!!!  These Safety Info Posts are posted for FREE for the first 30 days, after such time they may be accessible only to Members.

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1 42 incidents & 0 updates (8/27/14) Bryan Haywood
2 54 incidents & 4 updates (8/17/14) Bryan Haywood
3 48 incidents & 0 updates (8/7/14) Bryan Haywood
4 52 incidents & 2 updates (7/28/14) Bryan Haywood
5 28 incidents & 0 update (7/13/14) Bryan Haywood
6 34 incidents & 1 update (7/4/14) Bryan Haywood
7 45 incidents & 0 updates (6/25/14) Bryan Haywood
8 38 incidents & 0 updates (6/18/14) Bryan Haywood
9 50 incidents & 3 updates (6/11/14) Bryan Haywood
10 37 incidents & 1 update (6/2/14) Bryan Haywood
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"What more can be said about Bryan Haywood that has not already been said. I wish I had met him 20 years ago. Imagine what the safety world would be like if we had an additional 500 Bryan Haywood's. I admire his dedication and passion to make this a safer world.”

Fred Swingle
Date: Apr 01, 2010