The "Incident Alerts" intended purpose is to raise awareness of workplace accidents, specifically the frequency in which they occur, with the hope that workers will begin to realize that accidents happen much more often than they think.  I breakdown the accidents into four (4) categories:  Industrial, Construction, Workplace Violence and Miscellaneous.  I only report accidents that occur at fixed facilities; no transportation accidents.


FATALITY Worker dead in serious industrial accident (worker, 49, was killed after the accident at the factory involving a 200 ton metal press - no further details have yet been officially confirmed, and the company has offered no comment)

MINE FATALITY Worker killed 800 feet below ground at Jeffco mine (miner has died in a work-related accident at a coal mining facility - the victim was conducting maintenance on a piece of equipment when it collapsed on him - other mine workers administered first aid and then carried the victim to paramedics waiting at the surface - he was pronounced dead when he arrived on the surface)

ELECTRICAL WORKER FATALITY Electrical worker killed as swirling storm moved in (electrical worker, 29, trying to help amid a windstorm was killed after being struck by a falling tree - at a time when wind gusts were raging to as much as 60 mph he was part of a crew sent down from the city to help troubleshoot - while climbing a utility pole, he was struck by a falling tree - he was taken to a Hospital and was pronounced dead a short time later)


LOTO/GUARDING FATALITY Worker killed in industrial accident at Virginia paper mill (worker, 44, was killed in an industrial accident at a paper mill about 9 p.m. - the 911 caller reported a man had fallen into a machine - the incident occurred in an area with a paper pulping machine)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Worker crushed to death by forklift in SF’s Dogpatch (worker, 45 to 50 years old, at a lumber supply company was crushed to death by a forklift he was operating outside the business just before 2 p.m. - forklift was still lying on its side late into the afternoon Monday, with the man’s body, covered by a yellow tarp, a couple of feet away - the forklift tipped over at the bottom of one of three ramps leading up to the company’s loading dock - a wooden pallet that had been loaded with bags of material was still stuck on the forklift)


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My Friend Jonathan Zimmerman and I are presenting at ASSE's Safety 2017

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I am also working on details to do a

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