The "Incident Alerts" intended purpose is to raise awareness of workplace accidents, specifically the frequency in which they occur, with the hope that workers will begin to realize that accidents happen much more often than they think.  I breakdown the accidents into four (4) categories:  Industrial, Construction, Workplace Violence and Miscellaneous.  I only report accidents that occur at fixed facilities; no transportation accidents.


Union Pacific railroad worker killed by train near Wallula (worker, 54, was killed by a train at 5:30 a.m. along the railroad track - no other details)

CRUSHED Worker killed in apparent accident at Manning Supply (worker, 57, was crushed and killed while handling large panel doors on the company’s lot -several workers were transferring building materials, including the doors, from one semi-trailer to another - during the process, several doors shifted, striking the victim and pinning him against the wall of the trailer)

ELECTRICAL 1 electric worker killed, 1 hurt during East Texas repairs (one electric worker has died and another was hurt after being shocked while repairing downed power lines after a traffic accident - two contract workers were dispatched to do repairs when both were accidentally shocked - the victims were transported to a hospital, where one was declared dead and the other was treated for serious injuries)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Worker killed in forklift mishap at FDNY parts depot (worker was killed when he became pinned between a forklift and a delivery truck when he put the forklift in neutral and placed it next to his van - when he left the heavy machinery to retrieve something from the van, the forklift somehow started rolling, crushing him between the van and the forklift - cops responding to the scene at 12:35 p.m. found the man unconscious and unresponsive - EMS brought him to a Hospital, where he was pronounced dead)



MINE FATALITY Iowa worker killed in partial mine collapse (mine worker, 52, was pronounced dead after being recovered from a collapse that occurred just before 10 p.m. - he was a mine truck operator who had worked at the mine for 12 years - he was outside his truck in a remote part of the mine, which was not in operation, and was found buried under rock)

FORKLIFT FATALITY Stop & Shop worker killed in accident at Freetown distribution center (worker, 51, died in a fall at a company distribution center - he was killed when he fell between a loading dock and a tractor trailer as the vehicle pulled away from the dock and a forklift then fell on him)

CONFINED SPACE FATALITY – ENGULFMENT Worker dies after being buried under fertilizer at Lakeville workplace (worker, 50, was killed in a workplace accident around 10:20 a.m. - three workers were trying to unload fertilizer from a covered hopper rail car when the hopper got jammed - according to a preliminary investigation, one worker fell into the hopper while trying to break up the jam - that worker then became buried under the fertilizer and died - workers explain in a sad story of what they went through watching their co-worker die)


2 BNSF Railway workers killed on tracks in SW South Dakota (two railway employees have been struck and killed by a train around 10:15 a.m. - no other details)

WELL SITE FATALITY Lewis County Worker killed in Tyler County well site accident (worker, 19, died at a Hospital from injuries sustained in an accident at a well site - he was struck by a truck and was pinned between the truck and a stationary object)

HYDROGEN SULFIDE FATALITY Blast at Pemex Processing Plant Kills One Worker, Injures Several Others (an explosion at a processing plants has led to the death of one of the workers - accident caused the intoxication of three workers who were carrying out maintenance work and the unfortunate death of one of them - the explosion was caused by a leakage of hydrogen sulfide at the refinery - local media reports say the number of injured in the explosion stands at 9, two of them have been hospitalized)


FATAL FALL into GRAIN BIN Man Killed in Workplace Accident at Malting Company in Shakopee (worker, 58, was killed about 9:15 p.m. at the plant when he fell into a grain bin - another worker found the man and called 911 immediately - he was pronounced dead at the scene - it is currently unknown how long the man had been in the bin before being found - officials have yet to disclose the kind of machine that the employee fell into or whether he was wearing some sort of safety harness)

FALL from CRANE Ford contract worker injured in Dearborn plant accident (contract worker was seriously injured after falling from a crane - witness told Automotive News the worker fell head first from several stories high - worker’s condition was not available)

FIRE/EXPLOSION Accident that injured contract worker at Western Sugar under investigation (contract employee received burns while working on an evaporator unit and was transported to a Medical Center, but has since been transferred to another treatment center)

CONFINED SPACE FATALITIES Slurry Tanker Accident Left Two Dead After Worker Tried To Save Teenage Colleague (worker, 35, died in a slurry tanker as he was trying to save a teenage colleague, 19, who had fallen in - incident took place at a recycling facility at a farm - the teen had been trying to clear a blockage in the tanker when the worker tried to help him, he too fell in - a hole had to be cut in the side of the vehicle to retrieve their bodies)


­­­­­RAIL YARD FATALITY Worker Dies in Blytheville Steel Mill Accident (worker was killed while working in the rail yard - he was a locomotive operator with 27 years of experience - no details on what happened)

LINEMAN ELECTROCUTION Utility worker killed in Sullivan County identified (worker, 46, died repairing a downed wire - customers were without power in the area and was the reason the utility crew was in the area - a representative from the County Sheriff's Department said that the company and OSHA would conduct their own investigations to determine why the downed line still had power and if all protocols were followed)

LANDFILL FATALITY w/ DUMP TRUCK Moffat County employee dies in landfill accident (worker died in an industrial accident at a County landfill - the man, who was a County employee, died at the scene at about 5:30 a.m. - he was operating a dump truck and hauling snow to the landfill when the accident occurred - investigation is ongoing)

LOTO/PRCS FATALITY Worker dies after accident at Arkansas plant (worker, 27, died after a mixer was activated while he was inside the tank attempting to retrieve a bag of salt he dropped - a co-worker found him in the mixer - he was taken to a Hospital after his co-worker pressed the emergency stop button to halt the machine)


OIL RIG 1 dead, 9 missing in Azerbaijan offshore oil rig accident (one oil worker has been reported killed and nine more are missing after part of their offshore oil platform broke off in strong winds - a 150-meter (490-foot) section of walkway fell into the sea amid 90 mph (145 kph) winds and says 10 workers are missing - five of the victims had been working on the installation and another five were in a cabin that was torn off the structure)

TRAIN AMPUTATION Pan Am Railway worker loses arm in Glenville accident (worker, 22, had his arm cut off by a train shortly before 5 a.m. - he had slipped on some ice, causing his arm to go across a rail where it was run over by the train - his arm was cut off below the shoulder and was recovered and sent with the victim to a Medical Center - worker was stationed alongside the tracks near a switch that controls the rails at the time of the accident, and the train was moving at a slow rate of speed)

CRUSHING FATALITY @ LANDFILL Worker Crushed to Death in San Juan Capistrano Land Fill Accident (construction worker, 38, was crushed to death at a landfill about 3 p.m. - investigators found a wrench and hydraulic fluid near the accident scene, leading them to suspect that he might have been working on the hydraulic lift of the dump truck before he got crushed under it)

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