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Flammable Liquids Videos

A collection of flammable liquid safety videos.   If you have ANY amount of flammable lquids, these are a MUST SEE for the workers who work with and around flammable liquids.  Most of the segments are VERY SHORT (<1 minute) and are designed to be used as safety talks.  Some are from the Chemical Safety Board and are more detailed training for those facilities who store and handle flammables in a flammable liquids process. I use them in my 3 & 5 days flammable liquid training courses.  SOME THINGS DO NOT CHANGE - some of these videos are from the 1940's and 60's and STILL TODAY depict the hazards of flammable liquids!

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21 Flammable Limits 1965 Bryan Haywood
22 Fire Triangle 1948 Bryan Haywood
23 Fire and Liquid Fuel Surface Area 1948 Bryan Haywood
24 Ignition Temperature and the Spread of Fire 1948 Bryan Haywood
25 Flash Point & Fire Point Demonstration 1948 Bryan Haywood
26 Oxygen Needed for combustion1947 Chemistry of Fire US War Department Bryan Haywood
27 Fire Hazard in a Fuel Tank 1947 Chemistry of Fire US War Department Bryan Haywood
28 Only Vapors Burn 1947 Chemistry of Fire US War Department Bryan Haywood
29 Flammable Range Demonstration 1947 Chemistry of Fire US War Department Bryan Haywood
30 Flammable Liquids Flash Point Demo Bryan Haywood
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