This video is from a CCTV system in a China restaurant and shows a waitress walking and texting as she walks by an unsecured propane cylinder, which she bumps into and knocks over.  The valve is sheared off and the cylinder begins releasing the propane.  Workers attempt to reach the cylinder but as we see, the propane finds the gas burner on the stove and well you can watch...

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic

And LPG explosion at an LPG distribution station destroyed several homes and injured at least 40 people.  Six people taken to one nearby hospital had burns on up to 50 percent of their body.  A second explosion (not captured on video) occurred about 40 minutes later, leveling a three-story building.

A lot of people do not believe me when I tell them that LPG they have at their house boils at a temperature lower than MINUS 200 degrees F!!

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