According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), more than 200 home fires each year start with a Christmas tree. In these videos, NIST fire researchers demonstrate what could happen if a fire starts in a watered Christmas tree vs. a dry Christmas tree. For Christmas tree safety tips, visit the NFPA website (link is external).
For information about fire research at NIST, please visit the Fire Research Division website and the National Fire Research Laboratory homepage.



A little Santa Safety humor for the holidays.  Thanks to Bob Cornett's MSHA E-mail Group for sharing.

Safety Santa (pdf)

Each year we see video clips of accidents involving people attempting to deep fry their turkeys for the the holidays.  These are REAL accidents that can be easily prevented.  PLEASE help spread the word of how dangerous this activity can be.  Even done CORRECTLY this activity carries a high risk of serious injury and/or property damage.  CLICK HERE for some tips from StateFarm Insurance.

Author Unknown


"Twas the night before Christmas
and at the north pole
was a busy little workshop
with an enviable role.

Making dolls and soldiers
all manner of toys
as the annual reward
for good girls and boys.

The elves were all busy
and their stations direct.
Making sure their positions
were ergonomically correct.

All guards were in place
to avoid safety traps.
Protective glasses were worn
to avert flying scraps.

The elves wore back braces
to protect against strains
and little hard hats
to protect their small brains.

When on the main floor
there arose such a clatter
all heads turned in time
to see pieces shatter.

The crash said it all,
Santa thought with disdain.
An accident in the shop
meant an elf was in pain.

Santa came through the door
with a quick little burst
for the elf who was hurt.

"Now, what will happen?
He nervously fretted
were what he most dreaded.

A high E-MOD
and the increased cost,
And OSHA Inspection
plus all the time lost!

"We just can't afford it!
A FINE, should we owe it,
would spell out the end
of Christmas as we know it!"

Sticking out from some boxes
away from the lights,
were two short little legs
clad in green, stretchy tights.

The boxes were strewn
under a once standing shelf.
The curly-toe shoes
proved it must be an elf!

"Where should we take him?"
They worried for the elf.
"He need immediate care
and can't drive himself."

So they shipped him off
in the stand-by sleigh
to a North Pole Clinic,
open six months a day.

The second team reindeer
of the non-flying kind,
could earn a promotion
with a new record time.

On Pokey! On Lighting!
On Limpy and Crash!
On Sunshine! On Wheezer!
On Crutches and Flash!

They ran through the snow
with their lips turning blue.
If they failed to make it
they soon will be glue.

They finally arrived
at Emergency Care Center.
before they could enter.

The Eskimo doctor
applied all the salves
ready to mend broken bones
by fusing both halves.

That wouldn't be needed!
Managed Care said
and the elf got some care
before he could leave.

His injuries did not require
any specialized attention,
but the bump in his cortex
was worth a brief mention.

Some ice and aspirin
a brief break from the action.
If he fallen from higher
he'd need a surgeon... and traction!

The elf returned to the job
embarrassed by his gaff
but with his butt in a sling
you couldn't help but laugh.

He soon would be making
cherished Christmas booties
but to get back on the swing
they assigned him "LIGHT DUTY."

A fresh new reminder,
that you shouldn't climb on shelves,
was a message not lost
on impetuous elves.

Santa called his agent
without his usual smile.
They jumped into action

The reserves were set
by the adjuster with care,
in the hopes that a "FULL RELEASE"
soon would be there.

The elves returned to their shores
more cautious; less hasty,
with a new found awareness
and more rules for safety!

Santa's parting request,
as he loaded his sleigh,
"Let's not have a repeat
of what happened today!"

"You must be more careful
and think before acting.
Your health is more important,
your work too exacting."

As he tugged on the reins
to start his annual flight,
he said, "Be careful and safe,
and to all, a good night."

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the mines,
not a worker was digging, no coal on the lines.
The hats and the lamps all hung in a row,
gave a glisten of rock dust to all those below.
When what to ones wondering pause came the fact,
that miners are dedicated and stay on track.
Above the cold ground there arose such a clatter,
the townspeople rose to see what was the matter.
When what to ones' wondering eyes should appear,
but the miners all ready to put on their gear.
For you see no ones' Christmas lights flickered so gently,
no warmth could be felt by the few nor the many.
So back to the earth rode the miners of coal,
to insure that all people could realize their goal.
Whether on surface or deep underground,
we all need coal miners to power our towns.


~Jeanne Caldwell
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in the mining and support industries.

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