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We seem always hear about catastrophic accidents when a pressure vessel fails outwardly, but let us not forget that a vacuum in a vessel NOT RATE for a vacuum can ruin a $200,000 vessel just as easy - maybe not as fast - but certainly just as easy!!  Case in point... what happens when you have a valve in your vent line and someone for some reason closes it!  I am a big fan of "car-seal" programs and any valve in a relief line, BOTH positive pressure and vacuum relief, MUST BE CAR-SEALED OPEN.  The cost of replacing this vessel will be a fraction of the cost and risk the unit will incur shutting to replace it.

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MANY THANKS MH!  This week's pic is sort of different - instead of doing outrageous things with a ladder, this worker chose NOT to use a perfectly good ladder for a task, instead, he used a wire spool.


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ASSE's Safety 2017

Denver, CO

My Friend Jonathan Zimmerman and I are presenting at

Topic:  Safe Work Permit Management System


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