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Falls a bit short of 1910.333(b)(2) don’t you think?

"Lockout and Tagging." While any employee is exposed to contact with parts of fixed electric equipment or circuits which have been deenergized, the circuits energizing the parts shall be locked out or tagged or both in accordance with the requirements of this paragraph. The requirements shall be followed in the order in which they are presented (i.e., paragraph (b)(2)(i) first, then paragraph (b)(2)(ii), etc.).


Can you count the violations/unsafe conditions/acts in this single photo?

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facility siting critical pipingOSHA/EPA is still issuing Facility Siting citations, just this week there was one issued, for facility not including a FS analysis as part of their process hazard(s) analysis.  This weeks photo shows the result of a common findings from our FS Analyzes. Critical equipment along roadways MUST be protected from vehicle impact - it does not get any SIMPLER than this!  So the next time someone claims a vehicle would never damage unprotected piping along a roadway, just remember this weeks Photo of the Week.

NOTE:  I have not stopped and have no plans to stop my weekly photo postings.  I am in the process of upgrading to Joomla 3.0 and with a site the size of SAFTENG, we do one transfer.  The site was download a couple of weeks ago and anything I add since then I will have to go back and add again to the new site.  Was trying to save myself some work.


IMG 2143

Minutes after they attended the daily safety meeting, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl returned to finish their concrete work!!!  We just can't make this stuff up.  Wouldn't you have loved to be standing nearby to hear this plan hatch out????



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I have had the privilege of working with Bryan Haywood for a couple of years. In that time, I have personally grown as a PSM coordinator by 100%. The facility I work for has developed a greater understanding of PSM. Our PSM program has become more compliant in 1 year than it has in 10 years. I hi...

Michael Brown
Dec 12, 2010