This picture is more craziness with those hi-vis vests on.  I can not believe that these workers are required to wear these vest in this work environment, as they are nowhere near mobile equipment.  And the stunts these workers pull is quite atrocious while wearing their "safety vests".  But this one just caught my eye as I have seen it floating around and a bunch of you have e-mailed it to me as the one worker is actually taking a picture of the person who was taking a picture of them while committing this hideous act.  Keep in mind they have to gather the supplies and assembly this set up and then climb it, all while wearing their safety vests.  SMH.... How many issues can you count?


OSHA pills

Not one damn pipe labeled yeah thats the problem

I am not sure of the situation that is actually taking place here, but I can state that the locking device was installed on this control switch for the sole means to apply a lock.  Whether they intended it to be a LOTO Lock (vs. some other type of lock) is unknown, but it appears a LOTO lock is provided and being used (although the key is still in the lock).  This is not an uncommon practice, i.e. to re-engineer a lockable device over a button on a control panel for the sole purpose of making "LOTO simple" - unfortunately, it makes it INCORRECT and UNSAFE.

control switch with key in LOTO lock

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