How many guarding/hazard concerns do you see in this single pic?


You see the darndest things out and about!  Today while on our stroll to lunch I came acrss this arrangement that caught my eye.  I was so glad to see the black valve below the Relief Valve car sealed in the OPEN (CSO) position.  But when we step back, we can see a serious design flaw.  This is on a brand new installation, less than a month old!  Do you see the problem on this natural gas (NG) manifold?

First the Car Seal pic - OUTSTANDING!

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Now see if you can find the mistake?

Who sees it?


When we begin a "human factors" analysis, we should do more than ask "Is the equipment labeled?", as human factors rely on the equipment being PROPERLY LABELED.  This is a perfect example of something be labeled, but asking for an accident.  Even as obvious of a mistake this is and everyone who looks at this picture will just shake their head, this is a classic example of a "human factors" FAILURE.  And yes, I have already been asked by more than one manager... "show me in any OSHA standard where this is a violation and I will fix it".

electrical box

Many thanks to Bob Cornett for the share!

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