We just can't make this stuff up.  This is NOT staged, this is real life.



With all pun intended, this is a REAL speed limit sign with solar panel and digital readout that was run over, we are pretty sure intentionally, at a plant.  Speed was a concern on this road within the facility so HR and management wanted to "provide feedback" so that people knew they were speeding.  The Safety Manager said... "that's what speedometers are for - they know they are speeding" and pushed to put up a camera system to catch the offenders, as many knew who the offenders were, but no one was willing to talk.  HR won and it took less than 12 hours, they found this the next morning.  Keep in mind this is a major industrial complex with ADULTS working - not a high school parking lot!  Before this, they placed the 15 mph signs that were 2X's the normal size.  The kicker... my advice for speed bumps was shot down because management feared the speed bumps would only damage the company vehicles (translation - speed bumps would not slow down the offenders and only damage company vehicles).  And who says managing safety (i.e. behaviors) is easy.  Not only does the safety manager have to manage the workforce, he/she also needs to work on management and how they manage safety.

IMG 4070

It is become more common to find this type of set up on our audits.  We don't see this cited often but OSHA will cite this very set up using:

1910.141(g)(2) Eating and drinking areas. No employee shall be allowed to consume food or beverages in a toilet room nor in any area exposed to a toxic material.

and when they make the argument that no one is eating while in the bathroom, we use...

1910.141(g)(4) Sanitary storage. No food or beverages shall be stored in toilet rooms or in an area exposed to a toxic material.


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