Back in January 2012 I posted a study that was conducted in conjunction with the Faculty of the Undergraduate College of Integrated Science and Technology, James Madison University, Virginia; the Harrisonburg (VA) Fire Department; and the Harrisonburg (VA) Rescue Squad HRS.  This week I present to you a hands-on "study" done by the "HAZMAT Guys", as seeing is believing.  SAFTENG members can see the 2012 study here


I love science, especially when we can relate it directly to industrial safety.  We all know the power of pressure, but the power of a vacuum is often lost.


This week, the video below has gone viral and many have blamed the elderly lady of not paying attention to where she's going as the cause of this accident; but what do you say is the ROOT CAUSE of this accident?  What other issues can we identify in this accident?  Let's assume the work would fall under OSHA - what standards were violated if any?  What say you?


WARNING!  Viewer Discretion Advised, video may be upsetting to some viewers.  It captures the death of a worker as he is run over by a forklift.





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