VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED!  This video is extremely graphic by way of the sounds and viewer discretion is advised.  You may want to turn down the volume.  The video is a classic example of flammable liquid flash fire and it is the only reason why I am sharing it.  Keep your eyes on the white car at the bottom of the screen.  Gasoline has a flash point of -50F and its vapor is heavier than air and can travel great distances across the ground to find an ignition source, which can be less than 1 mJ.  A running car or even a hot engine/exhaust can be enough to ignite the vapor, as shown by this video.

$35 and 8 hours of your time will be the BEST money and time you could ever spend!  Heck sometimes you just need to give your time, as many communities now offer the CPR training for FREE.  To save a life is the most honorable thing any of us can do on this earth and learning the skills of Adult and Child CPR (as well as AED training) is so easy and quick.  This video shows how quickly and unexpectedly we can loose a loved one, friend, and even a stranger passing by AND it also shows us how everyday people can become LIFESAVERS! From my early days in lifeguard training and scouting, through my fire service and still today, I and now my daughter maintain our CPR certifications.  In fact, I believe so strongly in this that donated $500 last year to the Miami Township Fire Department for their CPR training courses, as well as offered all the families in my neighborhood this training for FREE.  CPR SAVES LIVES - are you prepared to save a life?!?!?!

I just hope I can convince other safety professionals that atmospheric storage tanks containing flammable liquids are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and deserve our respect when it comes to DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, FACILITY SITING, and MAINTENANCE (e.g. MI), and RELIEF PROTECTION.  I recently had a lawyer attempt to make an argument that if these tanks were so dangerous then why did OSHA exempt them from their PSM standard?  Yeah lets let politics protect us from this...

NOTE: this was a waste water tank at a fracking site so it was not even a pure flammable liquid!  Launch takes place around the 30 second mark of the video.

CLICK HERE to see the dramatic High Res photos of this event.

WARNING!  WARNING! WARNING! -  This video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and shows a worker being lifted into the air and landing seconds later within the video.  This was a PRCS FATALITY, so if seeing these types of REAL videos is upsetting, VIEWER DISCRETION is STRONGLY advised.  Cause of this FATAL Accident was lack of control over ignition sources INSIDE the underground gasoline tank.  This accident occurred outside of the USA and was in a country that does not have PRCS regulations nor hot work regulations; unfortunately the laws of chemistry and physics still applied.  

Oh my - oh my!  Watching the manner in which these 1-ton cylinders are being handled, loaded, and secured, makes one wonder if any placards found their way on this shipping container!!!  Friendly advice - do NOT handle your NH3 1-ton cylinders like this!

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