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This is not necessarily a "shocker" video, but it is an interesting way of loading and unloading vertical storage tanks.  Notice the tank has been modified in order to be loaded and unloaded in this manner.  I am guessing there is some type of locking device at the back of the truck that grabs onto the lattice structure on the back of the tank and then the winch pulls the tank over onto the bed. 


OK I heard all of my international members who sent me e-mail about the Video of the Week #3 video.  No I have nothing against Indians and no I was not poking fun at Indian Safety practices.  As I said to each one of the dozens who took time out of their busy day to let me know, I rarely poke fun at any unsafe photo or video (notice I said rarely - not ever) and I never call out anyone's nationality, race, or gender!  But just so that no one gets the wrong idea, here is a video I found on YouTube that is actually posted as an "advertisement" of sorts for a window cleaning company in Dayton, OH.  Maybe not as bad as Week #3, but for a company to be posting this as "marketing" goes to show how clueless some companies remain about their worker's safety.


WARNING!  This video may be upsetting to some viewers, NO GRAPHIC images but it is a VERY SERIOUS accident caught on tape - Viewer Discretion is advised.  VOLUME WARNING - Turn DOWN your volume as the "F" bomb rightfully gets dropped after this accident!

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