This week's video shows what appears to be an attempted  "hot tap" procedure on an anhydrous ammonia piping.  Watch closely as the escaping ammonia gas (VD<1) gets trapped under the roof and ignites from the welding sparks.  The other concern is that if NH3 was present in a flammable concentration, the workers should have been in a higher level of respiratory protection.

WARNING!  Viewer Discretion Advised.  A worker is setting some trusses by himself when one breaks free and falls toward him.  It misses him, but the impact caused his step ladder to become unstable and he fell to the basement floor.  The worker's condition is unknown.

WARNING!  Viewer discretion is advised.  The video captures the moment a worker falls from a high lift forklift (standing on tines), showing the impact with the concrete warehouse floor.

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ASSE's Safety 2017

Denver, CO

My Friend Jonathan Zimmerman and I are presenting at

Topic:  Safe Work Permit Management System


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