This video shows BOTH aspects of a Fall Protection Plan:  Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) and Rescue.  When BOTH aspects are in place we have SUCCESS!

We dont see this citation very often, but it is a standard and it is one that we use often...

1910.144(a)(1)(iii) Stop. Emergency stop bars on hazardous machines such as rubber mills, wire blocks, flat work ironers, etc., shall be red. Stop buttons or electrical switches which letters or other markings appear, used for emergency stopping of machinery shall be red.

Here is an OSHA citation from this week:

OSHA's 1910.178 TABLE N-1. - SUMMARY TABLE ON USE OF INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS IN VARIOUS LOCATIONS can be difficult to use because its layout on-line had been altered.  So I found this from many years ago that one of the safety pro's at Westvaco created.  Hope it helps...

Where does the time go?  As most practicing safety professionals in the USA know, the time has come to do our annual summary of our OSHA 300 Log.  But for many these logs can be very confusing.  So here is a reminder and what is required for us to comply...

Last week OSHA sent another "Hazard Alert" letter to an employer regarding their practice of using on-site EMT's to provide care to employees.  In this case, OSHA is again asserting that the EMT's are performing duties outside their certifications and the purpose of the EMT's is to avoid recording injuries.  

Medical care must be provided or supervised by a healthcare provider licensed to practice independently, per New Jersey State law. EMTs do not practice independently, and X specifically states that the OMRs, although all licensed EMTs, are not practicing under their licenses. Review of the "X Associate Care Policy" states that the OMRs are required to maintain their EMT licenses/certifications, but also states that "X is not licensed by the Department of Health, therefore OMRs are not able to function under the full capacity of their licensure/certification." XX personnel were providing medical care beyond what is allowed by their licensing and certification without the supervision of a board certified qualified medical professional licensed to practice independently.

CLICK HERE to see this January 6, 2016 Hazard Alert Letter

CLICK HERE to see the Citations for Failure to Record Injuries/Illnesses

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