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While working on a project I came across this gem on my external hard drive and can not believe I never posted it!!!  Yes it is from NIOSH - not OSHA and yes it is nearly 10 years, but the facts are the facts and one day I hope we can put this facial hair debate to bed!!!!!  This letter is KEY in that it makes it clear that ANY FACIAL HAIR inside the facepiece of a NIOSH APPROVED respirator MUST NOT come in contact with the respirator, including the nose cup!

Emphasis added by me

Issue Date: October 2, 2006

From: Heinz W. Ahlers, Chief, Technology Evaluation Branch, National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory

Subject: NIOSH Policy for Respirator Sealing Surfaces and Facial Hair

It has been brought to the attention of NIOSH through phone calls and emails from respirator users and manufacturers that some respirator manufacturers may not understand what NIOSH defines as the sealing surface for respirators and consequently are inappropriately marketing respirators for users with facial hair.

The Department of Labor (DOL) administers the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) and the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 (Mine Act), as amended by the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 (MINER Act). DOL’s effective enforcement of these laws is critical to protecting workers from death, injury, and illness. The two DOL agencies primarily responsible for enforcing these laws are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). OSHA and its state partners are responsible for the safety and health of 130 million workers employed at more than 8 million establishments. MSHA is responsible for the safety and health of more than 350,000 miners who work at more than 13,000 mines.

During an opening conference, CSHOs can (FOM states "SHALL") request a list of the chemicals on-site and their respective maximum intended inventories. CSHOs shall review the list of chemicals and quantities, and determine if there are highly hazardous chemicals (HHCs) listed in §1910.119, Appendix A or flammable liquids or gases at or above the specified threshold quantity. CSHOs may ask questions, conduct interviews, and/or conduct a walkaround to confirm the information on the list of chemicals and maximum intended inventories.  If there is an HHC present at or above threshold quantities, CSHOs shall use the following criteria to determine if any exemptions apply:

I came across this SAFETY ALERT from WY-OSHA.  I never knew they would cite exposed valve stems and there example is for stems extending into egress paths.  Most surprisingly is that this OSHA Alert actually "endorses" a private product, which I thought OSHA refused to do.  Of course this is a "State Plan" and NOT federal OSHA, but I was still surprised to see a product being endorsed by OSHA.  It even looks like the private company put the "Safety Alert" together and WY-OSHA uploaded it!

  1. OSHA says fainting at the sight of blood is RECORDABLE

  2. OSHA restates Injury/Illness Recordkeeping requirements for temp/contract workers

  3. Are your Safety Data Sheets compliant?

  4. MIOSHA citations @ Warehouse (Electrical Fatality; $357,000)

  5. OSHA looses Fatal Lathe Guarding case
  6. OSHA citations for Flame-Retardant Clothing (FRC) in a non-PSM facility
  7. Breaking down OSHA's General Hotwork Requirements (1910.252(a)
  8. OSHA's REVISED Field Operations Manual (FOM ) incorporates "employer safety incentive" programs directly into the inspection process
  9. OSHA's Top 10 Citations for FY 2015
  10. OSHA is REVISING electrical safety-related work practices standard for general industry and the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution standards for general industry and construction
  11. Making sense of the hierarchy of controls (OR-OSHA Podcast)
  12. OSHA issues LOI on caring for Flame-Retardant Clothing
  13. Whats OSHA been up to for the past month? (7/17/15 to 8/16/15)
  14. Training Requirements in OSHA Standards (OSHA 2254-07R 2015)OSHA Heat App and Heat Illness Awareness
  15. When is a compressed gas cylinder in "storage"?
  16. OSHA issues proposed rulemaking clarifying the ongoing obligation to make and maintain accurate records of work-related injuries and illnesses
  17. OSHA cites paper manufacturer for willful, repeated, serious safety violations ($211K)
  18. Another HUGE addition to OSHA's SVEP club!
  19. Take NOTICE... 11% of Fatal Falls in 2013 were 6' or Less!
  20. The effect of wearer stubble on the protection given by Filtering Facepieces Class 3 (FFP3) and Half Masks (UK's HSE RR1052)
  21. OSHA issues "Inspection Procedures for the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS 2012)"Whats OSHA been up to for the past month? (6/10/15 to 7/10/15)  
  22. OSHA's General Industry Fall Protection Standard under OMB Review
  23. So here’s a trick question for you IH professionals… When I get my new SDSs, do I have to retain my old MSDS for 30 years?
  24. Are you maintaining your heat sampling data per 1910.1020(d)(1)(ii)
  25. Interim Enforcement Guidance for Hazard Communication 2012 (HCS 2012) June 1, 2015 Effective Date (OSHA)
  26. Using OSHA inspection data to analyze respirator protection program compliance (DOL Report) 

  27. Does the “voluntary use” of a "filtering facepieces" (dust masks) require the use Appendix D?
  28. Whats OSHA been up to for the past month? (3/19/15 to 4/18/15)
  29. "Hazardous Locations" and complying with the "new" 1910.307
  30. "Mirror Check Day" Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Region One OSHA Cooperative State Programs
  31. $53 million in Workforce Innovation Fund grants
  32. 1910 vs. 1926 - which applies to my "work"
  33. 1910.144 Safety color code for marking physical hazards
  34. 1910.212(a)(1) applies to unguarded rotating chucks on lathes
  35. 1910.307(g)(4)(i), HAZLOC’s, Zones, and Professional Engineers
  36. 2011 Top 10 Federal Standards with the Most “Other-Than-Serious Violations” Cited
  37. 2011 Top 10 Federal Standards with the Most “Repeat Violations” Cited
  38. 2011 Top 10 Federal Standards with the Most “Serious Violations” Cited
  39. 2011 Top 10 Federal Standards with the Most “Willful Violations” Cited
  40. 2011 Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Federal Standards w/Sections Cited
  41. 2012 HAZCOM GHS ppt from OSHA
  42. 9,400 High Rate Workplaces Receiving OSHA Letters (March 2013)
  43. A Guide to The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
  44. A lesson in Pressure Vessel Safety via 1910.169
  45. A OSHRC decision that will make you scratch your head
  46. A sign Spring is coming... Cal/OSHA Issues High Heat Advisory as Temperatures Rise Across the State
  47. A VERY interesting look at Safety Regulations from ABC's John Stossel's Blog and was on 20/20 a while back
  48. ACGIH® Presents Hearing Conservation Program Management Webinar – September 12, 2012
  49. Air Pressure Receiver CATASTROPHIC FAILURE
  50. AK-OSHA Review Commission's Decision on whether a “Fish Bin Chiller Alley” at a seafood processing plant is a Confined Space/PRCS
  51. Alarming Number of Workers Fail to Wear Required Protective Equipment
  52. Alternating Tread Type Stair
  53. Annual Review and Scheduled Modification to OSHA's Administrative Penalty Policy
  54. ANSI Launches Online Portal for Standards Incorporated by Reference
  55. ANSI-ISEA 207-2011 - Revision to High Visibilty Vests
  56. Are some of OSHA's proposed standards hindering job creation?
  57. ASTM Developing Standard to Test Resistance to Fogging of Eye Protection Devices
  58. ATTENTION BREWERS... Check your PRCS and HAZCOM practices!
  60. Backward Hard Hats?
  61. Basis for EW/SS locations?
  62. Cal/OSHA Cites employer(s) (Plant, Staffing Agency, and Training Company) over $200,000 Following Death of Temporary Worker  
  63. Cal/OSHA Issues Notice, Schedules Public Hearing on Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Assessment
  64. Can your HAZCOM program stand-up to a OSHA inspection?
  65. CAUTION: Your Safety Warnings May Not Be Working
  66. Changes in OSHA's HAZCOM may impact EPA Compliance!?!?! (Huh?)
  67. Changes to Maryland Chemical Information List (CIL) Requirements
  68. Clarification of OSHA's HAZWOPER Standard (1910.120) as it applies to clearing and re-railing train cars after derailments  
  69. Classification of Combustible Dusts under the Revised Hazard Communication Standard (OSHA Memo)
  70. Clearance in front of electrical panels - why does OSHA require it?
  71. Compactor or Baler safety protocols
  72. Company argues before the OSHRC that LOTO does not apply to their die changing activities - an analysis of a OSHRC 2009 decision
  73. Company to pay $1.33 million to resolve OSHA citations, criminal penalties in 2011 death of worker; Agreement includes safety improvements and $450,000 for worker's spouse
  74. Comparison of NFPA 704 and HazCom 2012 Labels
  75. Compliance Mapping… an eye opener for many managers and supervisors
  76. Compliance Resource Tip...
  77. Compliance Tip: Next time your using a handrail...
  78. Compliance Tip: Air Receivers
  79. Compliance Tip: Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  80. Compliance Tip: Do I need a first aid team?
  81. Compliance Tip: Electrical Safety Related Work Practices
  82. Compliance Tip: HAZCOM Labeling (Photo)
  83. Compliance Tip: Industrial Stairs Angle (Smart Phone App)
  84. Compliance Tip: LPG Cylinders Storage
  85. Compliance Tip: Projecting shaft ends
  86. Complying with OSHA's PPE Standards
  87. Compressed Air Hazards and Acceptable Methods for Complying with 1910.242(b)
  88. Compressed Gas Cylinder Separation
  89. Computer based tools for workplace heat stress
  90. Consumer Products & HAZCOM requirements
  91. Conveyors, Duct Work, and your Hot Work Permitting Process
  92. Cost of Falls and Workers Comp
  93. CSB Releases New Safety Video on One Year Anniversary of Kleen Energy to Show Hazards of Gas Releases
  94. Deaths Involving the Inadvertent Connection of Air-line Respirators to Inert Gas Supplies
  95. December 1st, 2013 Training Requirements for the Revised Hazard Communication Standard
  97. Did you know... NFPA 704 and OSHA's GHS Haz Comm
  98. Did you know… Emergency Egress and Alarm Systems
  99. Disconnect for Electrical-Discharge Lighting Existing Fluorescent Luminaire
  100. Does it matter what type and size fire extinguisher my Fire Watch is equipped with?
  102. Drinking Chrome – New Studies Expose Threats to Tap Water
  103. DWS (WY-OSHA) Warns of Telephone Scam Targeting Businesses
  104. EEI, ULCC, and the TCIA have negotiated a settlement with OSHA on the compliance dates for the Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Standard
  105. Electrical Panel Clearance and NEW NEC requirements
  106. Electrical Safety Videos from ESFi
  107. Employer Safety Incentive and Disincentive Policies and Practices
  108. Engineering Controls and Economic Feasibility
  109. Ever heard of "Access to employee exposure and medical records"
  110. Ever heard of "Access to employee exposure and medical records" (e.g. 1910.1020)
  111. Ever wondered how many OSHA standards require an actual written program, Qualified person, Competent person, etc.?
  112. Facial Hair, Respirators, and Fit Testing
  113. Facial Survey Results Region VI
  114. FATAL Hotwork Incident (MI-OSHA)
  115. Federal Jury Convicts Former Shaw Group Safety Manager Of Major Fraud Against The United States
  116. Fire Extinguishers & HAZCOM Labeling
  117. FREE On-Line OSHA Compliance Tools from OSHA & MSHA
  118. FREE Respirator Software from NIOSH
  119. FY 2011 End of Year Federal OSHA Inspection Data
  120. FYI... OSHA Outreach Monitoring Report
  121. General Industry Fall Protection requirements begin ...?
  122. General Industry Standards with Training Requirements
  123. General Industry Standards Written Program Requirements
  124. GHS HAZCOM and Workplace Labels
  125. GHS Training Materials
  126. GREAT Forklift Training PPT from OSHA Region V
  127. H.R. 632: Voluntary Protection Program Act
  128. Hazardous Locations (Examples from OSHA)
  129. HAZCOM Training Modules from MI-OSHA
  130. HAZWOPER Training MUST consist of MORE THAN video training
  131. Hearing Protection Attenuation Evaluation, has it been done?
  132. Hearing Protectors Attenuation Analysis
  133. Hearing Protectors, Safety Glasses, and Respiratory Protective Equipment in Combination: Effect on Sound Attenuation
  134. High Visibility Vest - Hotwork & Electrical Work
  135. Hot Work Safety
  136. Hotwork tank explosions - OSHA is not the problem!
  137. Hotwork, the 35' Rule, UPDATED loss data, and changes in NFPA 51B and at CAL-OSHA
  138. How long do you keep your hotwork permits?
  139. How to Read the OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910 – General Industry
  140. If you have a trash compactor in your workplace, you will want to read this OSHRC decision
  141. Individual Pleads Guilty to Id Fraud and Impersonating an OSHA Official in Wake of Gulf Oil Spill
  142. Inspection and Citation Guidance for Roadway and Highway Construction Work Zones
  143. Is air monitoring required to establish respiratory protection levels?
  144. Is your Respirator Cleaning methods compliant?
  145. Jordan Barab of OSHA speaks at the COSH conference ("cutting corners on on safety and health will not be tolerated"
  146. Knowing your propane cylinders (Part II)
  147. KY-OSHA Recordkeeping requirements did NOT change on 1/1/15
  148. Ladder Safety - Too many falls!
  149. Last Chance Agreements – Company properly fired maintenance employee for not wearing side shields on safety glasses – violated the LCA
  150. Load Center Capacity Calculator
  151. Lockout? We don't need no stinking lockout... says management!
  152. Looking for help with decisions on Eyewashes and Safety Showers?
  153. LOTO Accident - REAL Accident that cost a life!
  154. Machine Guarding Applications and Attributes
  155. Machine Guarding ppt from OSHA Region V
  156. Maine DOL's GHS Video, PPT, & Sample Plan (EXCELLENT Resources!)
  157. Man accused of posing as OSHA inspector arrested
  158. Mapping a regulation from concept to publication
  159. March 2012 Update on OSHA’s Refinery & Chemical National Emphasis Programs
  160. Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) issues SCAM ALERT
  161. MI-OSHA Annual Fatality Information
  162. MSHA Machine Guarding ppt
  163. National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors release Violation Findings Fourth Quarter Report
  164. Need some Procedures for your Emergency Response Program?
  165. New deadline for the Electric Generation, transmission, and Distribution standard is February 17, 2015
  166. NEW Flammable Liquids Fact Sheet (OR-OSHA)
  167. New Recordkeeping interpretation. Question 10-4
  168. NFPA 70E® 2012 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions
  169. NIOSH Hearing Loss Simulator Instruction and Training Guide
  170. NIOSH noise database for power tools
  171. NIOSH recommends exposure limits FAR below OSHA's current PEL for Cr(VI)
  172. OIG: OSHA'S Site Specific Taregting Program has Limitations on Targeting and Inspecting HIGH RISK Worksite
  173. On-Line FIRST AID training is NOT enough (OSHA 2012 LOI)
  174. OR-OSHA HAZCOM (GHS) Video
  175. Oregon OSHA delays rule adoption for Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution rules in Construction and General Industry
  176. OSHA & Eyewashes
  177. OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Course Now MANDATORY in Seven States
  178. OSHA 300-A Posting Reminder
  179. OSHA Activity Update
  180. OSHA amends 1910.1030 (BBP)
  181. OSHA answers HAZCOM labeling question in LOI
  182. OSHA answers questions regarding Eyewash and Safety Showers
  183. OSHA Boot Camp
  184. OSHA cites Asphalt Manufacturer following worker being trapped in hot liquid asphalt
  185. OSHA cites chemical manufacturer following nitrogen fatality (5(a)(1), PSM, WWS)
  186. OSHA cites employer for 8 willful, egregious violations after worker injured on machine without safeguards
  187. OSHA claims "cost savings" with the new GHS Hazcom Std
  188. OSHA Clarifies the Requirements for annual refresher training under OSHA's HAZWOPER standard
  189. OSHA Compliance and perceived "paperwork deficiencies"
  190. OSHA Compliance Assistance Facts: FY 2012
  191. OSHA Compliance is sometimes a “Nike moment”… Just Do It!
  192. OSHA defines "amputation" and "loss of an eye" in their latest LOI
  193. OSHA extends comment period on proposed rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses
  194. OSHA extends temporary enforcement measures in residential construction through March 15, 2013
  195. OSHA FACOSH Recommends Updating PELs by Executive Order for Feds
  196. OSHA follow-up inspection of oil refinery reveals continuing worker safety violations
  197. OSHA General Industry Requirements for Labels, Signs, Postings, etc.
  198. OSHA Hospitalization, Amputations Reporting Inspection triggers
  199. OSHA insists recordkeeping obligations are ongoing (United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit ruled differently)  
  200. OSHA Internal Memo: Interim Guidance on Enforcement of the revised Hazard Communication Standard
  201. OSHA is planning for the I2P2 rule
  202. OSHA issues "Per-instance" Willfuls for Guarding and LOTO
  203. OSHA issues LOI on the NEW HAZCOM Std and Combustible Dust
  204. OSHA issues REPEAT for cleaning air greater than 30psi ($22K)
  205. OSHA issues WILLFUL and EGREGIOUS citations for machine guarding
  206. OSHA issues WILLFUL for facial hair under tight-fitting respirator (Lead Abatement & $49,500)
  207. OSHA issues Willfuls & Repeats for PRCS, PPE, Respirators w/ some HAZCOM, Fire Extinguisher, and Electrical citations for good measure
  208. OSHA LOTO Citations @ food box manufacturer ($122,500)
  209. OSHA Memorandum: Adequate Means of Egress at Workplaces
  210. OSHA publishes removal criteria for employers from the Severe Violator Enforcement Program
  211. OSHA Region V Fatality Stats as of 10/1/11
  212. OSHA Rejects Arizona State Plan Changes..... February 6, 2015
  213. OSHA restates that if employees do not understand English, their training MUST be in a language and vocabulary they understand
  214. OSHA Review/Lookback of OSHA Chemical Standards
  215. OSHA revises the Out Reach Program requirements again (2/2013)
  216. OSHA revisions strengthen Outreach Training Program
  217. OSHA seeks public comment on agency standards to improve chemical safety
  218. OSHA temporarily withdraws proposed column for work-related musculoskeletal disorders, reaches out to small businesses  
  219. OSHA Top 10 Cited Standards and standards for which OSHA assessed the highest penalties in 2012
  220. OSHA Training - Flat Roofing Safety 2011
  221. OSHA Training Institute Centers to begin charging a card processing fee for 10 and 30 hour cards
  222. OSHA TRAINING REQUIREMENTS (presentation from OSHA)
  223. OSHA Update - Most Frequently cited SERIOUS Citations
  224. OSHA updates 1910.35 Head Protection
  225. OSHA updates CPL 02-00-158, Inspection Procedures for the Respiratory Protection Standard
  226. OSHA updating Head Protection Standard in both GI and Const
  227. OSHA will continue requiring independent safety testing for electrical devices
  228. OSHA withdraws proposed interpretation on noise
  229. OSHA's 1st LOI of 2013 is a perfect example of how a how a group of workers may fall under both GI and Construction standards
  230. OSHA's 2013 Most Frequently Cited Standards
  231. OSHA's Accreditation Process Needs Reexamination (GAO-13-88, Dec 11, 2012)
  232. OSHA's Citation Policy for Paperwork and Written Program Requirement Violations (CPL 02-00-111)
  233. OSHA's Clarification on effective date of SDSs replacing MSDSs
  234. OSHA's GHS Labeling made easy!!!!
  235. OSHA's Issues Compliance Directive on Personal Protective Equipment
  236. OSHA's Most Frequently Cited 1910 (2014)
  237. OSHA's new APF guidance document focuses on mandatory respirator selection provisions added to existing Respiratory Protection standard
  238. OSHA's new guidance document focuses on mandatory respirator selection provisions added to existing Respiratory Protection standard
  239. OSHA's position on the respiratory protection "program administrator"
  240. OSHA's proposed rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses requires quarterly reporting
  241. OSHA's Semiannual Agenda of Regulations (1/2014)
  242. OSHA's Semiannual Regulatory Agenda (June 2014)
  243. OSHA's SVEP Decision Matrix
  244. OSHA's Top 10 Citations (2014 Preliminary as of 8/1/14)
  245. OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standard is NOT the only standard that requires “verification of knowledge” after training  
  246. OSHRC affirms HAZCOM and LOTO citations at chicken processing plant
  247. OSHRC case discusses the legality of OSHA’s Com Dust NEP
  248. OSHRC decision on Combustible Dusts (OSHA Dust Sampling, Chain of Custody, Knowledge of hazards, and Signage for ComDust areas)
  249. OSHRC decisions on Machine Specific LOTO Procedures, LOTO Periodic Inspections, and LOTO Training for Affected/Other employees
  250. OSHRC determines that a zip tie does NOT constitutes a “permanent” fixture
  251. OSHRC on "Universal PPE Hazard Assessments" at distribution centers
  252. OSHRC on guarding of horizontal shafting below 7' with an "arbor" and protrusions on shaft ends
  253. OSHRC rules on LOTO case
  254. OSHRC says fire extinguishers are EXEMPT from HAZCOM Program coverage
  255. OSHRC upholds WILFULL GDC with Postal Carrier Fatality due to Heat Stroke
  256. Pedestal Grinder Safety
  257. Policy Background on the Temporary Worker Initiative
  258. PPE payment for static dissipative safety-toe footwear
  259. Proposed Actions in OSHA's Inorganic Arsenic Standard Approval of Information Collection (Paperwork) Requirements  
  260. Protecting Respiratory Health: What Should be the Constituents of an Effective RPE Program?
  261. QNFT or QLFT, which is acceptable for an emergency responder entering IDLH atm’s?
  262. Qualifications for Forklift Operators (Opinions?)
  263. Queens Man Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To Two Years In Prison For Role In Scheme To Issue Fraudulent Safety Training Certifications To Construction Workers And Companies
  264. Reading fire extinguisher labels
  265. Real world use and performance of hearing protection
  266. Record Requirements in the Mechanical Power Presses Standard
  267. Recordkeeping and Fatality Reporting Quiz
  268. Recordkeeping...who is the "highest ranking company official working at the establishment"?
  269. Reduction Procedure and OSHA 300 Log
  270. Regional VPP Recommendations from OSHA Assessments
  271. REMINDER... NEW OSHA Injury Reporting Requirements began on 1/1/15
  272. REMINDER: Post your OSHA Log Annual Summary by February 1st
  273. Respirator Facial Hair Diagrams
  274. Respirator Q&A about "program administrator"
  275. Respiratory Protection Program Administrator
  276. What is the fit factor? (Respirators)
  277. Revised Electrical Std "Grandfathering" and applicable dates
  278. Roof work and proper Fall Protection
  279. Rubber insulating gloves periodic electrical tests - REQUIRED frequency
  280. SAFETY REMINDER - if you have a "compactor" or "baler" and you want a GREAT resource on how to manage and operate them safely...look no further!
  281. Safety Tip: Fire Watch and Monitoring (FM Global)
  283. SCBA Remaining Service-Life Indicator Performance Requirements
  284. Severe Violator Enforcement Program (2013 White Paper)
  285. Should OSHA get out of the pre-accident inspection business? (Editorial)
  286. So does my facility have to hire an expert to perform an Arc Flash Analysis to be compliant with OSHA
  287. St. Louis employers ordered incarcerated for failing to comply with OSHA citations and court sanctions
  288. States that require a 10/30 hour OSHA card
  289. Summary and Explanation of Revisions to the Acetylene Standard as it applies to cylinders
  290. Temporary enforcement policy for 29 CFR 1910.137(b), 1910.269, 29 CFR 1926.97(b) and Subpart V
  291. The "numbers game" and auditing
  292. The new GHS HazCom Std review by the OMB has been "extended"
  293. The Use of Contact Lenses in an Industrial Environment (ACOEM Guidelines)
  294. The “Father of OSHA” passes away
  295. Top 10 MSHA Citations for 2010
  296. Top Ten things to do OR NOT to do during OSHA Inspections
  298. Understanding UL "Listing" and "Approved" - there is a BIG Difference
  299. UPDATE - Did you know there is a Right & Wrong way to mount a forklift cylinder?
  300. UPDATE on 2011 OSHA Activities and what to expect in 2012
  301. UPDATE on OSHA's VPP from Michaels...
  302. UPDATED - Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines
  303. UPDATED: OSHA's 2011 Top 10 OSHA Violations
  304. Virginia State OSHA has passed a "Reverse Signal Operation" standard for BOTH General Industry and Construction Industries  
  305. VPP Policy Memorandum #5: VPP and Safety Incentive Programs
  306. VPP Policy Memorandum #7: Further Improvements to the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
  307. VPP STAR is not a "get out of jail free card"
  308. WA-OSHA enacts NEW Safety Standards for Electrical Workers
  309. West Virginia Enacts CSB Plan for Licensed Propane Techs
  310. What ANSI Z87.1-2003 changes in Safety Glasses Requirements
  311. What is Fee for Intervention (FFI) and who is doing it?
  312. What is the difference between "street glasses" and ANSI High Impact Safety Glasses
  313. What is the phase-in period in the revised Hazard Communication Standard?
  314. What type of respirator do I need?
  315. Whats OSHA been up to for the past month?
  316. When is a Fire Watch actually required?
  317. When it comes to handrails... sweat the small stuff, well at least 1.5"
  318. Who is the OSHRC and what does the commission do?
  319. Why are so many fearing OSHA's I2P2
  320. Work-Related Burns in Michigan: First Annual Report (January 2009 – December 2009)
  321. Your auditing and you come across this... What you would cite?

Scenario: An employee scratched his index finger on a vinyl saw clamp at work. He immediately began walking to the onsite first aid station to obtain a Band-Aid. On the way, the injured employee met a co-worker who told him that he had a Band-Aid in his pocket. As the co-worker began to apply the Band-Aid, the injured employee looked at his finger where there was a small amount of blood on the skin adjacent to the nail bed. The worker immediately became light headed and fainted. The injured worker did not incur any additional injury or treatment. When he regained consciousness, the employee indicated that he fainted because he cannot tolerate seeing blood.

Question: Is this a recordable case on the OSHA Log of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses?

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