2015 Giving:

This year we saw memberships come back and Corporate Sponsorships grow by 25%.  I also suffered no lawsuits from copy righted images being submitted.  I wish I could list all the corporate sponsors but unfortunately the confidentialty agreements prohibit me from doing so.  This year I have donated over $1,000 dollars from SAFTENG.net revenues to my local FD and my Alma mater - Murray State University.  I have also sponsored runners (SAFTENG members) in their races and fund rasing efforts for all sorts of causes.

Murray State University

Department of Occupational Safety and Health

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Miami Township Fire Department

Community First Aid Training Program

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SAFTENG.net LLC supports community safety efforts each year with the profits from the website.  I have donated over $11,500 to several organizations since 2004 (the year the site started charging a membership fee).  Organizations that have received donations:

  • Murray State University - Occupational Safety and Health Department (my Alma matter)
  • Miamia Township Fire Department Smoke Detector Program

2009 MTFD Smoke Detectors      2009 MTFD Smoke Detectors 2   

  • Kid's Chance of Arizona
  • Run for a Cure
  • Alliance for Chemical Safety
  • Several private fund raising efforts for deceased workers and safety professionals
  • Homes for Our Troops

I also donate my time at least twice a year to provide either FREE training courses or FREE safety and health inspections for small or troubled businesses.  To date, since 2004, I have held FREE training sessions on:

  • Emergency Response
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Incident Command
  • Safety Metrics (Six Sigma Safety Process)
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