I am sorry but with six crashes and dozens of hack attempts from within the website I can not leave the doors open any longer.  So I have decided to go back to the 1990 days when SAFTENG was free to working professionals who wanted access to safety material.  Anyone with a VALID business e-mail address (that can be verified) can SIGN UP for a FREE membership.  

PLEASE NOTE Internet Service Provider (ISP) e-mail addresses are NOT accepted at SAFTENG.net.  This would include e-mails using gmail, yahoo, hotmail, msn, AOL, comcast, midconetwork, sbcglobal, etc.  So please do NOT use an ISP e-mail address when registering as your membership request will be deleted.

Consultants CAN get a FREE membership; however, the rules have not changed... You can NEVER use a SAFTENG image to promote your business and you MUST give SAFTENG credit when using our materials in your business.


You can register for your FREE Membership by CLICKING HERE.  


NOTE:  I am NO LONGER accepting photos from un-named sources, so please do NOT send me a huge e-mail from an ISP address hoping to get a free membership.


I WILL NEVER share, give, or sell your contact information and I will NEVER contact you about consulting work or your business's safety needs.  This is NOT an effort to grow my database or a means to open doors for me to legally contact you as a "customer".  I have NEVER made cold calls either by phone, e-mail, or in person and I have no plans to start.

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ASSE's Safety 2017

Denver, CO

My Friend Jonathan Zimmerman and I

are presenting

Topic:  Safe Work Permit Management System



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