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One of the most often asked questions in my Process Safety training courses is... "What do you mean when you say Layers of Protection?"  So I have made this very simplified powerpoint presentation to provide a visual of how "Layers of Protection" are effective and how they BECOME INEFFECTIVE.  This safety principle is most often mentioned in process safety circles, but in reality, it applies to our traditional health and safety models as well.  Even when we discuss the "Hierarchy of Controls" we are discussing our layers of protection, as in many cases we NEVER rely on one level of control to minimize risks.  For example...






Screen Shot 2017 06 13 at 5.09.43 PMWe use engineering controls as our first line of defense.  This would be represented by a guard on a piece of dangerous machinery. But we would also use an Administrative Control in the way of Lockout/Tagout procedures and training when we needed to remove the guard or by-pass a safety system to work on the machinery.  So there are limited situations, usually when the risk is extremely low, that we would have only one (1) means of "control" in place to reduce risks.

But imagine if we had four(4) layers of protection for a hazardous task/activity:

CLICK HERE for the very brief and simplified explanation of layers of protection ppt


PLEASE NOTE:  This is just a ppt I put together for an audit close out for a 2016 PSM Audit we did.  It is meant to be simple and easy explanation of Layers of Protection.  Use it as you see fit and revise it as you need. 




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