An outside storage tank at a wastewater treatment chemical manufacturing plant exploded, killing the plant manager, 64, and former town commissioner.  According to Police, he was working on a ladder operating an electrical tool of some sort on the tank.  As we can see from the aerial footage, the tank appears to have been a fiber reinforced plastic tank. The tank has significant damage in two spots: 1) top and 2) side. The tank was blown in two pieces. We can see the lid of the tank laying on the property next door to the tank farm (~75-100 yards away). The tank was labeled 0-0-0 on its NFPA label. This entire part of the tank farm is relatively new as the Google Maps image does not show this tank in place. I have no idea what chemical was stored in this tank. There does appear to be some smoke/fire damage on the remaining tank, but it is light in nature. I am unable to make out any of the placards on the railcars at the unloading/loading spur next to the tank farm.

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