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Hazardous Locations (HAZLOCs) and Medical Devices
Safety Info Posts - Chemical Process Safety (PSM/RMP)
Written by Bryan Haywood   
Saturday, 13 September 2014 09:24

Not meant to be a trick question, but the matter of workers who MUST wear medically prescribed devices and work in Class I, II, and/or III Hazardous Locations tends to be a constant question for facilities that have HAZLOCs. Low voltage equipment is always a battle in HAZLOC! I swear the engineering schools in this country must be furthering the myth that somehow "low voltage" equipment is exempt from HAZLOC's! When we ask the engineer(s) to provide us the RAGAGEP that allows this exemption they are at a loss, but they swear by the "myth". But these medical devices are a potential HR nightmare...

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OSHA PSM citations @ Ice Maker (NH3 refrigeration & $274,700)
Safety Info Posts - PSM and RMP Citations/Analysis
Written by Bryan Haywood   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 20:59

Inadequate safeguards to protect workers against potential ammonia releases at an ice plant have resulted in $264,700 in fines at a nationwide ice manufacturer and distributor. This inspection was conducted under OSHA's PSM Covered Chemical Facilities National Emphasis Program. OSHA cited the company for 19 violations of workplace safety standards following a comprehensive inspection that began in March. Several of the violations involve deficiencies in the plant's PSM program. Among the hazards found at the plant were incomplete operating procedures, undocumented inspections and testing, failing to prove employees with process safety information, failing to document that process equipment complied with RAGAGEP and inadequate work space in front of electrical equipment. As a result of these conditions, OSHA has cited the company for six repeat violations with $203,500 in fines. Other hazards included a lack of required exit routes; a locked exit door; failure to train employees in emergency response; unguarded and unanchored machinery; improper storage of oxygen and acetylene tanks; the use of improperly rated electrical switches in a wet environment; incomplete process safety information; lack of employee participation in process safety management; and failure to verify that employees understood process safety management training. These conditions resulted in the issuance of 13 serious violations, with $71,200 in fines. Here is a break down of the citations:

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