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Purposely Setting a Valve Higher than Nameplate Stamping: Acceptable or Not? (NBBI)
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Written by Bryan Haywood   
Saturday, 09 August 2014 15:43

For those of you involved process safety and your process has "pressure vessels" and "relief valves" the National Board's magazine "BULLETIN" is a really nice addition to our educational materials.  For instance, this quarter the magazine has an article clearing up a practice that has been questioned for years...  Purposely Setting a Valve Higher than Nameplate Stamping.  Each quarter this FREE publications (either by snail mail or online) contains well-written articles for those of us that are not degreed engineers.  I have yet to find a quarter where there is not at least one article that pertains directly to the type of pressure vessels and relief valves so many PSM/RMP covered processes use.  This edition's article I would recommend is Purposely Setting a Valve Higher than Nameplate Stamping: Acceptable or Not? (p. 35).  Every once in a while we come across this situation and the debate can become lively and when BOTH the engineer and VR certificate holder are BOTH saying this is "industry practice" we always had our backs against the wall.  Now we have it direct from the VR certificate issuer, the National Board, that this practice is NOT an industry "accepted practice.”

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