Under TITLE 29, CHAPTER XVII, The OSHA Regulations are broken down into "Parts". Part 1910, For example, is commonly known as the OSHA General Indistry Standards.  Part 1926 covers OSHA Construction Standards and Parts 1915, 1917, and 1918 include the OSHA standards for the Maritime Industry. 


Under each part, such as Part 1910, major blocks of information are further broken into subparts. The major subparts in 1910 standards include:

  • Subpart D Walking - Working Surfaces
  • Subpart E Means of Egress
  • Subpart F Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms
  • Subpart G Occupational Health and Environmental Control
  • Subpart H Hazardous Materials 
  • Subpart I Personal Protective Equipment
  • Subpart J General Environmental Controls
  • Subpart K Medical and First Aid
  • Subpart L Fire Protection
  • Subpart M Compressed Gas and Compressed Air Equipment
  • Subpart N Materials Handling and Storage
  • Subpart O Machinery and Machine Guarding 
  • Subpart P Hand and Portable Powered Tools 
  • Subpart Q Welding, Cutting and Brazing 
  • Subpart R Special Industries 
  • Subpart S Electrical Subpart Z Toxic and Hazardous Substances

Each SUBPART is further broken down into SECTIONS. For example, Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces has sections 1910.21 through 1910.30.

  • 1910.21 – Definitions.
  • 1910.22 – General requirements.
  • 1910.23 – Guarding floor and wall openings and holes.
  • 1910.24 – Fixed industrial stairs.
  • 1910.25 – Portable wood ladders.
  • 1910.26 – Portable metal ladders.
  • 1910.27 – Fixed ladders.
  • 1910.28 – Safety requirements for scaffolding.
  • 1910.29 – Manually propelled mobile ladder stands and scaffolds (towers).
  • 1910.30 – Other working surfaces.

EXAMPLE: Reading OSHA Standards – "Breaking Down the Numbers"

Standard: 29 CFR 1910.110(b)(13)(ii)(b)(7)(iii)
Portable containers shall not be taken into buildings except as provided in paragraph (b)(6)(i) of this section.

Title    Code of Fed. Reg.    Part       Section    Lower Case Alpha    Arabic Number    Lower Case Roman     Italicized*
  29             CFR                       1910.          110                         (b)                              (13)                               (ii)                           (b)(7)(iii)

*For Standards promulgated prior to 1979, Italics are used to list the fourth set of parenthesis.  After 1979, a Capital/Upper case letter is used in this space.

Click Here to download OSHA's pdf of this material. 

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